Becoming A Certified DNRS™ Coach

Thank you for your interest in the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is a specialized limbic system rehabilitation approach to assist clients in their recovery process from limbic system trauma and associated illnesses. Becoming a Certified DNRS™ Coach/Facilitator requires supervised training and certification for full therapeutic effectiveness and client safety. This complete integrated training program provides DNRS™ Coaches/Facilitators with a comprehensive understanding of limbic system trauma and the rehabilitation process with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™. DNRS™ Coach/Facilitator Training requires instruction in the current explanatory model, methodology and the underlying mechanisms of DNRS™, through lecture, learning and integrated consultations. This experiential training will familiarize participants with a broad spectrum of DNRS™ applications sufficient for comfortable and efficient use with a wide range of clients and situations. Special attention will be given to tailoring the program to fit the individual needs of the client.

The format of this training has been designed to effectively convey all aspects of the program designed by founder Annie Hopper. All DNRS™ Coaches/Facilitators are individually selected and extensively trained to provide the comprehensive information necessary for effective utilization of DNRS™.

All DNRS™ Coaches/Facilitators are extensively trained and have personally recovered from limbic system trauma and related illnesses for a minimum of one year through the DNRS™ program. DNRS™ Coaches/Facilitators provide contractual services on DNRS™ limbic system rehabilitation exclusively to the company. All DNRS™ Coaches/Facilitators participate in on-going supervision and education.

Other key attributes/skills include:

Exemplary presentation, listening and leadership skills; flexible and adaptable teaching style; openness to growth, expansion and change; ability to handle controversy with integrity and respect; independent and confident team player

What We Offer: 

  • Meaningful work that makes a positive difference in people’s lives
  • Work from home or remotely
  • Professional business reputation
  • Brand awareness
  • Established stakeholder relationships
  • On-going medical research
  • Extensive and individualized training
  • Professional supervision
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Marketing (website, social media, newsletter, radio, print, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Payment processing
  • Administration
  • Client services 5 days per week to answer calls and emails about the program
  • Client services 5 days per week to assist with booking assistance
  • On-line scheduling system
  • Training in software operating systems
  • Room for advancement: Step 1 in becoming a Certified DNRS™ Program Instructor
  • Professional testimonial: film, edit and promote your personal video testimonial
  • Develop personal satellite website: Website design, creation, set up, hosting and affiliate set up
  • Avenues for passive income (affiliate earnings)
  • Public speaking opportunities to promote DNRS™ awareness

DNRS™ Coach Prerequisites and Training Requirements:

  • Personal recovery experience from Limbic System Trauma and related illnesses through the DNRS™ program
  • Completed screening and hiring process conducted by DNRS™ Supervisory team
  • Demonstrated understanding of the mission and vision of the DNRS™ program
  • Applicable personal or professional training and/or experience in teaching, coaching, or other related field
  • Demonstrated communication skills as well as the attributes associated with successfully supporting DNRS™ participants such as but not limited to: full understanding of the DNRS™ program, professional written and verbal communication skills, empathy, compassion, optimism, and integrity
  • Familiarity with DNRS™ 14-Hour Instructional Video
  • Familiarity with the DNRS™ community forum
  • A minimum of 3 months of supervised training
  • Individual/group teaching and feedback sessions with DNRS™ trainer, supervised group training, mock coaching scenarios, supervised and recorded coaching session

Training Highlights also include:

  • How to develop healthy and supportive relationships with DNRS™ clients
  • Specialized history-taking to identify limbic system trauma, causes of trauma and associated patterns
  • Neuroanatomy of the limbic system
  • Underlying neuroplasticity based mechanisms of the DNRS™ limbic system rehabilitation process
  • Physiological overview of how limbic system impairment affects information processing, sensory perception, immune, endocrine and autonomic nervous system
  • How to effectively apply the DNRS™ program for optimal results
  • Tailoring the program for specific conditions
  • Differentiating the role of DNRS™ coach, vs Life Coaching, Counseling or Therapy
  • Developing client resilience

Upon successful completion of the supervised training, contracted coaches are expected to:

  • Exclusively provide DNRS™ Rehabilitation process to the company and company clients
  • Adhere to all DNRS™ protocols for contract workers
  • Participate in ongoing training and feedback with Coaching Supervisor
  • Provide a laptop computer
  • Offer 12-15 hours of coaching per week on a consistent basis
  • Provide long distance calling plan (including international)
  • Participate in team meetings and ongoing training sessions
  • Engage in professional development opportunities as they arise
  • Keep abreast of current research/literature related to limbic system trauma and related illnesses
  • Conduct consultations as requested by DNRS™, with medical practitioners seeking information about the DNRS™ program
  • Conduct public speaking opportunities as required
  • Fulfill all components of contract related to internal systems, reporting and documentation protocols
  • Provide timely and ongoing communication with DNRS™ Operations

If you are interested in being considered for a contract position as DNRS™ coach/facilitator, please watch for postings in our newsletter regarding upcoming training/positions.

If you have not already completed the DNRS™ program, you are welcome to order the 14-Hour Instructional Video to begin your personal journey of recovery.

If you are a health care professional, please direct clients/patients to this website and encourage them to complete the 14-Hour Instructional Video. If they require additional support with the program, please have them reach out to our certified coaching team, join our global community forum or register for our 12-week support group series (LIVING DNRS).

**Please Note**
All DNRS™ course material, including the exercises and systems, are proprietary and the exclusive property of DNRS™. Any use of the course material in any commercial enterprise is a violation of DNRS™’ rights in the same and as such DNRS™ may take action against any person who infringes those rights. 


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