Neuroplasticity Demystified

Overcoming a complex system…with simple steps… With all the online information out there  for and about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, the term “neuroplasticity” comes up frequently – but what exactly does it mean and what does it have to do with mysterious and multiple symptom illnesses? While it sounds complicated it doesn’t have to...

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A Perfect Storm

When suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, electrical and chemical sensitivities and many more, it is sometimes difficult for both sufferers and medical practitioners alike to immediately make the connection between the symptoms and limbic system impairment. The limbic system is a complex set of structures in the mid-brain that has been described as the “feeling...

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When our Natural Defenses Turn Against Us

When we are feeling threatened by someone or something, we will naturally defend ourselves to ensure our survival. This is a healthy and typical response. During this period of high stress, our bodies will release neurochemicals that increase our senses to allow us to track and protect ourselves from a perceived threat. Our unconscious survival...

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Leaning into Wellness

This month we have been talking about MCS ( multiple chemical sensitivity) and how its debilitating symptoms affect both the sufferer and their friends and families. We heard from Mark, a loving and supportive partner to Lisa and how her illness and journey to find the help that she needed affected him. Today we hear ...

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TRIGGERED! Lets talk avoidance behaviors!

Let’s be real – Exposure to odours/toxins are nearly impossible to avoid in our modern day society and companies which produce cleaning supplies, perfumes, colognes, soaps, disinfectants, plastics, air fresheners cosmetics and so on are not going to change (ok some have!) but – it’s not going to be a toxin chemical free world anytime...

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