• The DNRS™ program has been observed to be an effective chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long hauler treatment
  • Long wait for COVID clinic? Start retraining the brain at home
  • Self-assessment survey for chronic fatigue syndrome / COVID long hauler treatment
  • Neuroplasticity-based approach being successfully applied to chronic fatigue syndrome, long COVID
chronic fatigue syndrome covid

The DNRS™ program has been observed to be an effective chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long hauler treatment

chronic fatigue syndrome covid long hauler treatment
Byron’s symptoms related to chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long haul, and brain fog resolved after treatment with DNRS™

Hundreds of countries have recorded millions of COVID infections. Months after an infection clears, a significant percentage of patients suffer from what is often called “long COVID.” 

Fortunately, many are finding that retraining the brain is an effective chronic fatigue syndrome / COVID long hauler treatment. 

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is being recommended by doctors as a natural, drug-free, neuroplasticity-based rehabilitation program for regulating a post-viral stress response, and relieving symptoms associated with myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long haul, headaches, sensitivities, brain fog, and dysautonomia / POTS syndrome.

After a suspected or confirmed case of COVID, once the respiratory syndrome has resolved, a person is considered a “long hauler” if they have persistent symptoms for two months or longer which doctors cannot otherwise explain.[1] Recent studies explore whether previously healthy patients can suffer chronic health issues when a corona virus triggers a cycle of ongoing neuroinflammation in the brain [2]. Meanwhile, many are finding relief from their long COVID symptoms after retraining the brain with the DNRS™ program. 

Long wait for COVID clinic?
Start retraining the brain at home

Victor developed symptoms of chronic fatigue after a COVID infection. He retrained his brain with DNRS™ and was back fishing in a couple of months.

“COVID long hauler,” “post-COVID syndrome” and “chronic COVID-19” patients suffer from symptoms that long COVID clinics are finding hard to treat. In addition, many of these COVID clinics have very long wait lists. However, there is an option to begin a self-implemented chronic fatigue syndrome / COVID long hauler treatment at home. 

The DNRS program as a long hauler treatment is based on the idea that symptoms related to chronic fatigue syndrome / COVID long haul could be the possible result of a traumatized brain’s limbic system that got stuck in “fight, flight, or freeze” mode after mounting a defense against the coronavirus. If so, then effective long hauler treatment would involve regulating the brain’s protective responses. This is what the DNRS™ program is designed to do. If you suspect that you are a COVID long hauler, please take the self-assessment survey below to discover whether retraining the brain is something you’d like to try.

Self-assessment survey for chronic fatigue syndrome / COVID long hauler treatment

What happens to the brain after a viral infection?

[chronic fatigue syndrome covid long hauler treatmentcaption id=”attachment_77012″ align=”alignright” width=”500″]Some doctors are recommending DNRS™ as an effective COVID long hauler treatment[/caption]

From a medical perspective, it’s been known for decades that the brain-body stress response can be affected after a viral illness like COVID, SARS, or MERS. Post-viral syndrome [3] has a long and well documented history [4], and it has also been established that the brain plays a fundamental role in controlling healthy regulation of the immune responses that can affect other systems of the body.

COVID has also inspired new research on ME/CFS. Since 2008, many DNRS™ clients have been observed to successfully recover from symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome— and other conditions associated with a maladapted stress response— after retraining the brain.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID, and the brain: are there links?

chronic fatigue syndrome covid long hauler treatment
Jason’s chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long haul symptoms, and suffering were debilitating. He recovered by implementing DNRS™

Jason, 45, was previously healthy and active before becoming a COVID long-hauler. His chronic fatigue and brain fog kept him locked in a dead-end “Netflix, bed, Netflix, bed” cycle for months. He had seen several doctors, but was told he’d have to “wait it out” and see if he got better over time. Meanwhile, he was starting to lose hope that he could ever return to his active life and busy career. 

Fortunately, a friend who had found relief from chronic fatigue syndrome after retraining the brain with the DNRS™ program recommended Jason try it for long COVID.

Jason committed to daily retraining, and saw noticeable improvement. Ultimately, he experienced full recovery. He has tears of relief and gratitude as he explains how quickly he got better with the DNRS™ program. In some ways, he says, he’s perhaps even better off than he was before he got COVID.

“I suspected there was something going on with the nervous system,” Jason says about his long COVID symptoms. “The science behind the DNRS™ program is the same used in rehab for strokes and brain injuries— it just made a lot of sense, that neuroplasticity training would work for long COVID, too.”

Rewiring an immune system stuck in “overdrive”

sick and tired, limbic system disorders
Jason explains how he felt an immune system stuck in “overdrive” was causing chronic fatigue syndrome and other COVID long haul symptoms

“It felt like the engine was revving and revving constantly— even though the car was parked,” Jason explains. His “engine” was burning out— and the “driver” kept flooring the accelerator. That “driver” could have been a traumatized limbic system. That burned-out, post-viral brain may not have been able to spontaneously return to normal after mounting such an epic immune defense. “The revving and revving was wearing everything down,” Jason says.

Through daily brain retraining, Jason delivered a brand-new message to the “driver” (brain) to turn off the “engine” (immune and stress responses) so everything could cool down and normalize after being “stuck in overdrive.” After successfully implementing neuroplasticity training with the DNRS™ program, Jason has joyfully returned to travel, work, and the normal activities of his life. But before implementing the DNRS™ program, he suffered from post-exertional malaise (PEM). “If I took a walk, I’d be wasted for two days,” he recalls. All of that completely changed after retraining the brain. “Now I can do hill sprints, and I’m totally fine.”

Neuroplasticity-based approach being successfully applied to chronic fatigue syndrome, long COVID

Chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long hauler symptoms could be linked to brain function

Neuroplasticity training has been successfully implemented as a rehabilitation to help regain speech and motor skills after strokes and other brain injuries. [6] This demonstrated success of deliberately and methodically rewiring the brain to establish new, healthier neural pathways is the fundamental principle that forms the foundation of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™.

The DNRS™ program can be implemented safely alongside any other treatments

DNRS group classes

Whatever you’re currently doing to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, COVID long haul, or brain fog, some doctors recommend neuroplasticity training because it can be implemented safely alongside any other treatments or medications.

Have you taken the self-assessment survey? If so, are you ready to venture on retraining the brain with the DNRS™ program as a long hauler treatment?

You don’t have to do it alone

First, you’ll learn the DNRS™ program daily “recipe” of deliberate, methodical brain retraining. Once you become a DNRS member, you’ll have lifetime access to a private, professionally moderated DNRS™ global community forum. Then, for an additional fee, the DNRS™ program offers interactive support options. Depending on your individual learning style, you may choose to access online group classes and one-on-one coaching. One client who recently began the DNRS™ program said, “It’s such a relief to know we’re not alone as we travel on this journey!”

Getting better… together

Taking part in a small, private Living DNRS™ group class as part of learning to effectively implement the DNRS™ program is helpful, especially if you’ve been feeling alone and isolated with your illness. Once you’re a part of the DNRS™ program community, there is guidance, inspiration, and companionship for you— every step of the way.

Retrain your brain,
regain your health, reclaim your life.


The DNRS™ online instructional video program is available for you to start streaming now— right on your own computer. 


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