Cracking the Code on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Karen’s Recovery Story


Karen, a once vibrant yoga teacher, found her life and health upended after moving into a mold-infested apartment. She began to experience a series of debilitating symptoms that affected her everyday life. She recalls, “I began to feel symptoms pretty much right away. They started with sneezing and a lot of colds. And I had a couple of sinus infections the last month of [my] pregnancy when I never used to get sinus infections at all.”

That was the start of a years-long struggle with mold illness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), sensitivities to food and EMF, chronic pain, IBS, and Anxiety. 

Luckily, Karen was introduced to the concept of brain retraining to address the up-stream cause of her physical problems: a “hair-trigger limbic system.” She shared her recovery story so people like you who are suffering from treatment-resistant chronic sensitivities could discover the limbic system retraining techniques that are, in her words,  “…a way out of this hell that you are in.”


Karen's recovery goal: attending church with her family


The Cost of Her Chronic Sensitivities

As her condition worsened, Karen faced a myriad of distressing symptoms, such as rashes, insomnia, severe pain, and extreme brain fog. She shares, “The worst symptoms for me were the nerve pain that I had throughout my whole body and the constant twitching underneath my skin.”

Her health continued to deteriorate as she developed severe chemical, food, and EMF sensitivities. Karen’s life was drastically limited by these sensitivities, causing her to lose friends and her independence, “The illnesses were devastating to me and my relationships.” Furthermore, she missed out on many experiences she craved to have with her daughter stating, “My husband was the one to take my daughter out to restaurants and to fun outings.”


Karen's list of symptoms


In the midst of her suffering, Karen discovered an unusual “talent” born from her illness – the ability to detect hidden mold in other people’s homes. She says, “I could detect where, upon entering their home, exactly where the mold was. I would say, ‘Oh, it’s over in the left-hand side of your home over there, or It’s in your bathroom.'” 

Decoding & Healing the Brain-Based Trigger

Desperate for a solution, Karen sought help from various practitioners, but none offered lasting relief. That was until she discovered the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) during her first appointment with a naturopath. Karen explains that her naturopath asked her so many questions and finally said, “I’m not going to even give you one blood test. Everything that you have falls under one category. You have a limbic system dysfunction.”

Karen’s response?

I remember being very shocked. I didn’t know what to think. And she just said, look, get online and Google “Annie Hopper DNRS.” And so I did. And it made complete sense to me. After hearing everything that Annie said and after hearing all of the testimonials, I related to every story.

Feeling hopeful for the first time in years, Karen enrolled in the DNRS program. She shares, “For the first time in a long time, I had hope.” Karen found camaraderie with the community of other people retraining their brains with DNRS and who shared her condition, saying, “So here I was…with all of these other people who had the same conditions… We just understood each other.”

As Karen diligently practiced the techniques she learned at the program, she began to notice progress. She shares, “I knew that I had made progress because I was starting to feel more of an uplifting energy and I was really starting to feel hope.”


Karen recovery quote


She could have become discouraged that her recovery seemed to be taking longer than those people who shared their DNRS success stories, but she persisted. Although her recovery took longer than six months, Karen continued to document her progress daily, which she credits as a significant factor in her healing journey

Now, after regaining her health and her life with this brain retraining program Karen exclaims, “There are so many things that I can do now that I couldn’t do before.” She is able to enjoy shopping, concerts, exercise, and spending time with her family without fear of her sensitivities.


Karen feels normal again


Karen’s Advice for Existing & Future Clients of DNRS

For those struggling with chronic conditions that have resulted in hypersensitivities, Karen offers hope and urges them to consider DNRS, saying, “If you are suffering from a mysterious chronic illness that you can’t figure out and your doctors can’t figure out, it’s time to do this program because there is a way out of this hell that you are in.”

Also, for those going through the program already, she encourages you to document your progress diligently: “Charting of my progress is what really helped me to stay in the program.” 

Karen has become one of our beloved Certified DNRS Coaches and also instructs our DNRS Share-A-Laugh classes.  As with the other Certified DNRS Coaches, she helps DNRS members by providing support, explanations, encouragement, tips, tools, and wisdom. Now she’s helping other people master the Limbic System Retraining protocol that helped her regain her health and reclaim her life.


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