Would you like to meet others who are doing the DNRS program?




Are you curious about how they are applying the program?


Would you benefit from the support of a global recovery family who will keep you on the right track?




Are you feeling alone or isolated in your recovery journey?


Please consider joining our
DNRS members only Global Community Forum.


Our private members-only forum is a place for people who are implementing DNRS, to connect with one another, feel inspired, share any positive changes or insights and ask peers general questions about the program.

With over 8,000 members and 10 years of archived information, the community forum is not only filled with invaluable information and tips from real people who are practicing DNRS, but also provides an endless supply of inspiring stories of hope and success.



  • You get your own personal page/profile and can add a profile photo (optional).
  • You can post your successes or ask questions on the “all members” Comment Wall where other members can cheer you on or answer questions for you based on their personal experience.
  • The homepage has a newsfeed feature where you can see what other members are posting in “real time”.
  • You can add other members as “friends” which gives you the ability to connect and send private messages to each other.
  • If you are registered in a LIVING DNRS 12-week group, you will be able to connect with your group members in your own private LIVING DNRS group on the forum.
  • You can use the search box to access past discussions on a specific topic in our extensive archive.
  • The Community Forum is professionally moderated by trained DNRS staff. You can count on the moderators to create and sustain a positive and healing environment where all are welcome. They will provide you with the support needed to stay within the guidelines of the program, where the focus is on recovery as opposed to discussing or chasing symptoms.
  • The Community Forum provides its members with access to the most current DNRS information and its members will be one of the first to know about the latest product releases.


Community Forum members span the globe, and are a group of incredibly loving, brave souls who share one common denominator. Everyone is using the DNRS program to recover from limbic system impairment. You will be joining a group united by hope, determination and courage, and will find the inspiration and resolve to stay committed to your healing journey.


Become a Member

If you have completed the program and are not a member yet, please email your request to join the forum, along with your order number to
to receive your invitation to join us!



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