Primary Instructional Video (14-Hours): The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ (DNRS) is a drug-free, experiential, self-directed limbic system rehabilitation program. DNRS focuses on reversing central sensitization/ limbic system impairment and regulating a maladapted stress response that is involved with many chronic illnesses. The 14-hour video series puts you in the seat of a DNRS class where founder, Annie Hopper takes you through the foundational knowledge and skills needed to rewire your limbic system.

We recommend that you view the 14-hour instructional video series within a 4-day period and start to implement what you are learning on a daily basis. If you cannot view the entire program within a 4-day period, it’s okay to go at your own pace. Some people revisit the 14-hour instructional video from time to time for a refresher or to deepen their understanding of the program. While for others, they create a foundation of daily implementation of the program and access the community forum, the 12-week LIVING DNRS group support series, or book individual coaching for additional support and understanding of the program.

Below is a list of basic differences between the DVDs and the Online program.



DVD set with a printed Student Manual. Online Streaming Video with an embedded Student Manual
Unlimited viewing 365-day subscription
Package 1 is available in English, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish & Dutch. Packages 2, 3 and 4 are available in English Only. Offered in English only
Requires a DVD player Requires reliable and consistent internet signal info and a static IP address info Click here for more info.
Requires a screen to view videos; TV, Computer Screen or a portable DVD Player with a screen.
Recommend using a Computer or iPAD
Individual Coaching & 12 Week Group Support Services Available Individual Coaching & 12 Week Group Support Services Available
Static number of testimonials Access to a greater number of testimonials
Online Forum Community Membership info Online Forum Community Membership info

DVD Purchasing Options

Online Course Purchasing Options


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Supplementary Resources

Individual Coaching: This is a great resource to pair with the instructional videos. Individual coaching sessions with a Certified DNRS Coach can provide clarity on program concepts and how to tailor the program for your individual needs.

LIVING DNRS 12-week support series: If you would benefit from added accountability, connection and guidance, then consider joining a group of DNRS peers in our 12-week group support program led by our certified LIVING DNRS facilitators.

A Deeper Dive into DNRS. This 5 hour supplemental video series provides an in-depth explanation of the 5 pillars of recovery with DNRS, what to expect on your DNRS recovery journey, numerous examples of the DNRS limbic system retraining steps and explains how to create an incremental training plan.


Global Community Forum: Become a part of our DNRS global family and participate in our moderated, private community forum. This extensive resource is filled with invaluable information for applying the program, inspiration, motivation and group support from fellow DNRS peers.


The Book – Wired for Healing by Annie Hopper (founder of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System): If you are eager to learn more about Annie’s story and the science behind the program, this book is for you. Annie also explains how and why she developed the program and shares a number of inspiring stories of recovery.


The Transcription Book: This is a word-for-word document of the 14-hour instructional video. It is an additional learning tool if you like to highlight important sections that you can reference later. This is also a great starting point for those who have severe EMF sensitivities. Please note that the Transcription book may differ slightly from the contents of the online videos.


Additional Information about accessing the online course:

A strong internet connection is required for optimum performance, speeds of at least 3 mbps, and ideally a minimum of 5 mbps. [Click here to test your internet speed]

For security reasons, you must have a static IP address to access the DNRS online course, and you can only log in under only one IP address per session. If you do not have a static IP address, and it changes during your session, you will be logged out the system.

Your IP Address is a unique number you use to connect to the internet. It is based on your connection, not on you, or the device you are using. Think of it as if everyone using the public Wi-fi at your local coffee shop using the same Address, and if you walk home, or to another store, or your mobile device, your connection changes to that address.

You can access the DNRS online course if you are:

  • In one location
  • On a home / work / shared Wi-fi (Not a mobile network such as 3G, 4G, 5G or LTE)
  • Connected to one network per session (Don’t keep bouncing to your neighbours Wi-fi while in one corner of your house)

You will likely experience issues if you are:

  • Traveling down the freeway while accessing our system / courses, or constantly in motion
  • In an elevator, parkade or concrete surroundings
  • Connect to many different networks in your neighborhood / building

If your IP Address is constantly changing, you may need to ask your ISP Provider for a static IP. Many provide this option for free, but some may charge a fee.



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