Private Community Forum

Purchase of either the DVD series or attending the DNRS interactive training seminar includes membership to our private DNRS Online Community Forum, where DNRS participants – past and present – share their tips, answer questions and encourage and inspire others to succeed. Annie Hopper and DNRS coaches also appear regularly on the forum to provide clarity, on-going support, inspiration and motivation. The Community Forum is a very important part of our program and provides a wonderfully safe, vibrant and positive experience to help you in your recovery process and keep you on track!

We have a very active community forum where you will find inspiring victory posts like the following on a daily basis!

“I went on my bike ride with my family. This was my first ride with my children. It was amazing!! My 8 year old said, ‘I have only gone bike riding with Daddy and Ollie. There was always a quarter of the family missing, but not anymore.’ His words put a huge smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. Yeah DNRS!”
– Keri

“Yesterday was the big day: the wedding of one of my best friends, Corinne. I’d never have thought that would have been possible!!! I was out from 8:00 am until 11:30 pm! This is such a huge victory for me!”
– Johanna

“Grateful I spent most of the day on my bike this last weekend with my wife and daughter. I am determined not to miss out on creating these memories. Had energy for the rest of the day. Thank you God! A year ago this would not have been possible. My brain is rewiring and my body is healing!!”
– Jared

“Today was another huge step forward in my journey.  I have not been able to do the grocery shopping for about 3 years now.  If I ever journeyed out, my husband would have to drive me and I would have to be dropped off at the door right next to the electric carts.   However, today I rewrote that story.  I drove myself to the grocery store, parked in the parking lot (not using my handicap parking pass), used a regular cart and got SEVEN bags worth of groceries!  When I got home, I carried all seven bags at once into my house and unpacked them immediately!  I was smiling so big the entire time, I felt like a super hero.  I am definitely rewiring my brain! It feels so good to be able to not only move around and carry things again but it feels amazing to be able to accomplish things again and not have to depend on others for everything.”
– Allison


We look forward to seeing your victory posts on our Community Forum soon!


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