In our last instalment on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for this month – the Dynamic Neural Retraining System is talking to Ivy who has been very kind and generous to share her story with us! Ivy ordered the DVD program from the Philippines – Here is a synopsis of her journey – in her words.

“I used to be a very hardworking person. I grew up in one of the typical poor families here in the Philippines. I had to live with relatives, maintain a scholarship and work during vacations as a mall saleslady to financially compensate for my studies. I think my experiences allowed me to mature early on in life and thus, I developed habits and mindsets that are typical to a Type A Person.

In 2012, I started to notice that I was not performing as I used to. I felt so tired and burnt out. Then my engagement with my boyfriend happened that year. It felt that everything I wished for was already happening so I was then on the lookout for what’s next.  In 2013, at the start of the year, I had major life struggles which were mixed with the pressure of an upcoming wedding preparation and a new life chapter. I almost lost interest in a lot of things. I became grumpy and I noticed that my light sensitivity worsened and I started having “hangry” (angry hungry) hypoglycemia episodes.

In May 2013, I got married. Afterwards, as much as I wanted to be very motivated, I couldn’t find it. I did not want to go out of the house because I started to find it difficult to engage with people since I was always tired and unmotivated. Thinking that maybe learning something new would make me get back to life, I enrolled in an online Health Coaching Course that would run for a year. I was just one month in the course when I had my first panic attack.  I thought that I was having a heart attack. It took a while before my husband came home and I was feeling numb all over, I was so afraid and couldn’t understand what was happening. The doctor gave me a shot of anti-histamine thinking that it could be an allergic reaction from the pesto pasta that I had eaten. Even with my hyper sensitivities, I continued to seek help from wherever possible. I went to traditional mainstream doctors and many naturopaths. I drank handfuls of supplements every meal, changed my diet, went for chiropractor treatments, tried Ayurveda oil massages, theta healing, eft tapping, laughter yoga, yoga poses, essential oils, meditations, online counselling, positive thinking, affirmations and a lot more.

In 2015, I found out I was pregnant. We were overjoyed and somehow got distracted. I chose water birth because I wanted to avoid chemicals altogether to not aggravate my condition. During my pregnancy, on top of my anxieties and hypersensitivities , I developed so much light sensitivity that I always had to wear sunglasses, I also had to lie down in bed all day because I was always dizzy and I noticed that “I see but I don’t understand what I see” (brain fog).
After giving birth, I had the stomach flu for three days which was one of the hardest blows in my health after pregnancy. My tailbone was unwell during my first months which pushed me again to lie down in bed all day.

My Diagnosis

I was taking Chinese herbs and had a scary reaction to Vitamin IV therapy – at that time I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. After learning about adrenal fatigue, I started researching and came across the term orthostatic hypotension and its description was exactly what I was feeling. After the TCM and IV mix up, my symptoms worsened. Whenever I walked I felt wobbly and like I was falling. At times, I couldn’t go to the bathroom without the assistance of my husband or my mom. There were days that going to the bathroom is the only activity that I could manage. I took baths with the assistance of my husband and I would eat either in bed or on the sofa. I would scream and ask for help because even a minor movement would cause my vertigo to be triggered. I was always feeling so cold that I asked them to put oil on my legs and arms. I also had episodes of numbness and uncontrollable leg movements when I felt anxious or cold. Finally my doctor diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I started researching again, and found out about the term POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) where symptoms are also similar.

Then, I stumbled upon a youtube video of someone suffering from POTS who got better with DNRS. I downloaded his book and with my foggy brain, tried to understand the book. I googled DNRS on youtube and the testimonials resonated with me as some were unable to take care of their children – like me. I was crying as I was watching the other testimonials and told myself that this could be the answer.

I ordered the DVDs immediately and had it shipped to the Philippines. When it arrived, I did everything as instructed in the DVD. A week after my practice, my father died of illness. During the wake, I was able to assist and converse with people. Some symptoms diminished within just one week of DNRS practice. I had to stop my practice to grieve, but resumed 3 weeks after the burial.
When I was watching the DVD, Annie told us to pause for a while and write down 4 goals that we want to achieve after our 6th month of practice. I was somewhat sceptical as I was writing them and asked myself if I could be setting myself up for disappointment — then reminded myself, “You bought this DVD, do it with your whole heart, just set your eyes on the prize, we will know when we get there.” And here I am, feeling so grateful to God that He led me to the Dynamic Neural Retraining Program because I knew in my heart that there should be an answer somewhere.

5th month update!
– I can take care of my son most of the time. I am “almost” the mother that I have been dreaming of since I gave birth to him. I can’t wait to travel and bring him to places. I’ll show him how beautiful our world is.
– I am more at ease when I am around my family and they are happier because I am happy!
– I rode a ferry and planes! I did not have many pictures because I wanted to savour everything that I could in this trip.

When we came to the airport there were tons of people and we realised that it was a holiday here in the Philippines! We had to wait in line for a couple of minutes with the sun lovingly shining on us… and I was fine!  Once inside the plane, I was smiling from ear to ear and was almost in tears when I looked at my husband.  A dream just came true.

Thank you, DNRS! Thank you to this Community! Cheers to our 100% Recovery!” –   Ivy.

We are so incredibly happy to hear the stories and journeys of those that have suffered and found wellness with the DNRS system! Ivy’s strength and perseverance is a great model of how even if you are unable to reach a live DNRS seminar location – the 14 hour instructional DVD program works! Coaches and community support are always available to you no matter where you are in the world!

“You are not alone, your suffering has not been in vain, and you can live the life that you dreamed of, even if you stopped dreaming a long time ago.” – Annie Hopper – Wired for Healing

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