Gavin’s Letter (7:33)

A heartfelt letter of gratitude from an 8 year old boy about the positive ripple effect of his Mom’s recovery.  This video also provides information on how to engage family and friends in a way that is supportive.

Concluding Remarks (7:34)

An inspiring and heartfelt conclusion as program founder, Annie Hopper, shares her deepest wish – that DNRS serves as an avenue for renewed hope and understanding of limbic system related conditions and that it provides a clear healing path for those still suffering. 

Curtis – A Spouse’s Perspective (11:00)

This video features Curtis, a husband who recounts his wife (Rachel’s) journey of limbic system impairment, how this affected their entire family and the freedom that DNRS provided.

Introduction (2:55)

General overview of the 5 Pillars of Recovery and how to create an environment for optimal health.

Watch Online Video Clips (12:02)

*NOTE: These video clips are free broadcast videos screened on the internet by their producers/owners. Neither the producers nor the content of videos are affiliated with the DNRS program. They are considered to be additional and optional resources.  Their viewing is not imperative to your success with the DNRS program. However, we have personally learned a […]