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Are you curious about the DNRS program but not sure if it’s for you?

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What to Expect With the Free Trial

Our 7-day free trial will give you full access to the first 2 of 7 sections included in the DNRS course.

By the end of taking these first two sections you will gain:

  • Clarity about if your brain and nervous system are stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response and whether you could personally benefit from retraining your brain’s limbic system.
  • Understanding about how you can regulate your body by tapping into the brain’s capacity to establish new and more functional neural pathways.
  • Access to a portion of written exercises that help you learn about how your brain could be impairing your health and the principles behind how to retrain it.

The complete and full brain retraining practices are taught in the remainder of the program, which you can purchase at any time. Access to our Global Community Forum for peer support and guidance also becomes available to you when you enroll in the full course.

The Free Trial includes access to the first two full sections of the DNRS course:

  1. The Introduction
  2. Pillar One

You will be able to view all the videos, written materials, and complete  the exercises included in these two sections.

The Introduction:  This section clearly addresses the following questions and topics.

  • Is DNRS right for me?
  • What are the five pillars of recovery with DNRS?
  • Who Created DNRS?
  • What is DNRS?
  • How can I implement DNRS successfully?
  • Is DNRS validated by research?
  • What is the science supporting DNRS?
  • What is the purpose of the DNRS organization?
  • What are people saying about DNRS?
  • What is important to remember about the introduction?

The Introduction section also includes the following exercises:

  • A reflection exercise.
  • A specialized guided visualization exercise.

Pillar One:  This section clearly addresses the following questions and topics.

  • What is the link between brain function and chronic illness?
  • What is neuroplasticity and how is it linked to DNRS?
  • Why is it important to change the brain’s unconscious associations?
  • What is the limbic system?
  • What is limbic system impairment (LSI)?
  • What are the causes and symptoms of LSI?
  • What are the ‘two truths’ of limbic system impairment?
  • Why is environmental awareness an important piece of the health equation?
  • What are common physical, emotional and psychological symptoms of limbic system impairment?
  • What is the impact of toxic stress on my body?
  • What is the impact of toxic stress on the cell, energy production and gene expression?
  • How does toxic stress affect brain function?
  • How does toxic stress affect my life experience?
  • What happens to the fight, flight or freeze response in an impaired stress response cycle?
  • How does DNRS regulate the impaired stress cycle?
  • How does DNRS differ from other programs or treatments?
  • What are people saying about Pillar One?
  • What is important to remember about Pillar One.

The Pillar One section also includes the following exercises:

  • Unconscious associations exercise.
  • New language associations exercise.
  • 3 exercises about limbic system function and how to identify brain patterns involved with limbic system  impairment.
  • “My Perfect Storm” exercise.
  • 3 exercises about the stress response cycle.
  • A reflection exercise.
  • A specialized guided visualization exercise.

The online DNRS course is a drug-free, self-directed, neural rehabilitation program. It uses the principles of neuroplasticity to help reverse a malfunctioning stress response involved in many chronic conditions. This is often the missing key to healing for many. Until the stress response is regulated you may have limited success, despite your best treatment efforts.

The program will guide you step-by-step to implement a series of practices and exercises that will help to reset and rewire your brain and body for healing.

There are 7 sections in the course that combine intellectual knowledge with specific exercises that allow you to immediately start to apply what you have learned. Each course section includes videos to watch, clarifying written exercises and specific practices to implement in your day to day life.

  1. Introduction
  2. Pillar 1 – Recognize the Link Between Your Brain And Your Condition
  3. Pillar 2 – Interrupt And Redirect Your P.O.P.s (Pathways of the Past)
  4. Pillar 3 – Practice Full Rounds of the DNRS Retraining Steps
  5. Pillar 4 – Apply Incremental Training
  6. Pillar 5 – Elevate Your Emotional State
  7. Conclusion – You Are Ready to Start Reclaiming Your Life!

You will learn how limbic system impairment could be at the heart of your ongoing symptoms and how to rewire neural pathways for optimal health and well being.

You are not alone! We have built a community of thousands of people who have recovered from limbic system impairment involved with chronic and complex illnesses using our brain retraining program. When you enroll in DNRS, you will also gain immediate access to the Global Community Forum. With over 13,000 members, and over 10 years of archived information, you have access to an extensive library of tips for applying the program, along with inspiration, motivation, and peer support from fellow DNRS participants.

We also offer a variety of additional support services to assist and guide you each step of the way!

For personalized assistance in applying the program to your unique situation, we recommend private coaching sessions with our Certified DNRS Coaches. Every DNRS Coach has recovered from chronic and complex illnesses involved with limbic system impairment using the DNRS Program and are extensively trained in the method.

If you would benefit from professional guidance and support within a small group of peers, consider joining a 12-week LIVING DNRS group. These instructor-led classes provide guidance and a deep sense of bonding and accountability with a special group of compassionate peers who are also applying the program into their daily lives.

We also offer Share-a-Laugh classes that will help to regulate your autonomic nervous system and provide a joyous way to connect with peers!

We offer a “Life Improvement Guarantee” – After six months and within one year of daily neuroplasticity training with the DNRS program, if you have received no value, we will issue a full refund of your purchase of the online program (minus a 15% administrative return fee).

What Clients Are Saying About DNRS:

Learn why DNRS has been so successful at helping people recover, sign up for the free trial now!

Victor's Success from COVID long-haulers treatment

“Within 2-3 weeks I noticed the sensitivities that I had to lights and sounds were decreasing pretty good. I noticed after about 4 weeks my increased fatigue was also getting better. Within 2 months I was back out fishing.”

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Victor recovered from symptoms related to Long Haul Covid.

Sandra's Success from COVID long-haulers treatment

“On the very first day I started doing the DNRS program, I got a sort of explosion of the sense of taste in my mouth without even eating anything… I hadn’t been able to taste anything for a year. In the first week I also really felt I had the energy to start moving again.”

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Sandra recovered from symptoms related to Post Covid Syndrome and POTS.

Byron's Success from COVID long-haulers treatment

“I am gaining weight and muscle mass, I have more energy and my vitality for life is back! Also, I’ve noticed that my threshold for stress has radically changed. I feel like a different person! Even my neighbors have commented on how much healthier I look now!”

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Byron recovered from symptoms related to Long Haul Covid.