Posted on March 8, 2024

Danielle Rondeau

Danielle stumbled upon DNRS after years of suffering, searching for answers, and nearly giving up all hope.

Life as a recovered person is liberating, empowering, and fulfilling. Danielle enjoys getting to make empowered choices to live her life on her own terms and spend less time in medical offices and more time pursuing her dreams. She laughs often, is more playful and carefree than ever before, and has so many new friends who love her dearly. Her community is growing day by day, and her new bubbly personality attracts wonderful people into her world.

Danielle is excited to facilitate Living DNRS sessions and knows first-hand how group connection can be a helpful tool throughout recovery. It has helped her feel more confident and connected to others and create positive associations to previously triggering things.

She is excited to share the power of play with DNRS retrainers and is especially excited to watch the beautiful transformations unfold in their lives.

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