Posted on July 16, 2021

Euphoric Joy and Gratitude

Esther has been using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from Chronic Post Covid-19 Symptoms.

Esther was healthy and thriving prior to contracting Covid-19 in October of 2020. After the normal course of illness, however, she did not fully recover. In hopes of resolving the lingering fatigue and other symptoms, Esther first took to her general practitioner. “I spoke to my General Practitioner, who supported me by doing blood work – which showed I was ‘fine’! I also spoke with a physiotherapist friend who gave me some breathing exercises, and I learned about the parasympathetic nervous system – and the brain’s involvement in regulating that – which was an important stepping stone to DNRS.  I then worked with a ‘Fatigue specialist coach’ who recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and she was the one who led me on the path of giving DNRS a try.”

After beginning the program, Esther was also encouraged by her immunologist. “He was interested in what I was doing, encouraged me, and literally gave me my proclamation as a prescription: ‘Be calm and confident – your prognosis for recovery is good’!” And now, 3 months after beginning the program, Esther is joyfully celebrating the following milestones:

I have completed three months of this DNRS life, and it is truly transformational. When I started this, my life had shrunk down to the size of the first floor of my home, I was measuring out my energy in spoonfuls and looking at an unknown future. My perfect storm, that didn’t exist before 2020, had seemingly no medical answer. But I was not going to take ‘no’ for an answer, so I went and found a lovely “Fatigue Coach” who encouraged me and led me on a path where I found DNRS. I had heard of one other friend who had rewired her brain years previously, so I was curious. And when I read the success stories, and watched testimonials I knew this was the answer. And I thought at the very least the hour a day of practice would give me something positive to do. But once I watched the instructional videos and let that DNRS genie out of the bottle, it was clear that this was so much more than that.

Within days I got a surge of hope, happiness and energy. I was smiling again, chatting and laughing. I was out of my pajamas and into real clothes. Within a couple of weeks I was singing in the shower (I had missed the shower so much). I was out of bed, going downstairs, interacting with my family. I was eating meals together with them sitting at the table – all things that I had stopped doing.

I got a DNRS coach who has listened to me, encouraged me and given me ideas for my practice and incremental training. I joined a Living DNRS group about a month in and that has been totally wonderful – every single person in that group inspires me, and to watch them all change and grow over the weeks has been wonderful and life affirming. And I have been pushed to move forward, to be brave, to be fearless about the small discomforts that are required for change. But if others can do it, so can I.

So now at 3 months one of the biggest things is that I don’t feel lonely anymore. Being a sick person was lonely, but now I have friends on the Global Community Forum, and I’m enjoying practicing and laughing with others around the world. The international dimension of this program is a huge unexpected blessing – I love travel and being part of an international crowd.

And the things I can do that I couldn’t do three months ago? Well here’s the list: being an engaged mum and wife (because I actually have energy now), reading books (I can easily focus and concentrate), watching movies (the light and sound doesn’t bother me anymore), cooking, doing laundry, gardening, sewing, watercolor painting (I’m not just getting through the day, but have left over energy to do things that feed my soul), talking to friends and seeing family (I have the energy and drive to connect with people), walking 25 minutes, eating sugar (no more restrictive diets as a way to resolve symptoms), going to shops, and driving my car! 

I came across the phrase ‘Awaken in euphoric joy and gratitude’ on one of my fellow forum member’s journal that she shared, and it is something I think about every day. It is my mission each day to welcome joy and gratitude into my heart. And truly every day I am grateful to be on this DNRS journey, it is a joy.

To anyone who is still suffering, Esther’s message is, “Don’t suffer any longer! DNRS is a brilliant program that puts knowledge and power for healing into your own hands. But you aren’t alone, the support from the community and DNRS is wonderful.”

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