Posted on May 16, 2024

How Danielle Used DNRS To Recover From Chronic Health Conditions

Danielle recounts how her recovery from limbic system impairment with DNRS has changed her entire life! 

Danielle went from being a full-time patient, exploring endless medical treatments in search of answers, to resolving chronic health conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, brain fog, allergies, insomnia, mould/chemical and food sensitivities, and skin rashes/growths through rewiring her limbic system with DNRS.  

After committing to the DNRS program, Danielle has a “whole new life” where she is once again able to do the things she loves.

Listen as she shares her journey in the video below:

Danielle is now a healthy and vibrant woman who embraces life fully, with endless energy, joy and exuberance! 

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