Posted on January 30, 2019

The Key that Opened the Door

Shoshana used the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

In May 2016, Shoshana, who was a healthy and fully functioning working mother of four, became suddenly ill with a virus. Instead of recovering after a few days, Shoshana was bedridden for the next several months. She remembers, “I would faint when walking very short distances or doing simple household tasks, and severe fatigue prevented me from taking care of myself and my family and made it impossible for me to work.” Shoshana went to specialist after specialist trying to find what was wrong: immunologists, internists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, psychologists, and more, doing numerous blood tests, an MRI, cardiac echos, and ECGs, among other tests. She was eventually diagnosed with POTS. “I tried nearly all the different treatments available to treat it, both conventional and alternative, including beta blockers, steroids, salt tablets, a strict exercise regime, special diets, and acupuncture. Some of these helped a little, but my function was still severely impaired, and it seemed like there was nothing left to try.”

Shoshana found out about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System after her husband read about it on a POTS forum. After beginning the DVDs in March 2018, she saw a marked and measurable improvement almost immediately.  In fact, Shoshana was so thrilled by her initial results that she flew all the way from her native Israel to California to join a live DNRS seminar in June 2018.

Today, Shoshana says she is healthy, joyful, fully functioning and embracing life and all the beautiful moments in it, even more than before she got sick!

Here is the letter she sent Annie Hopper just over six months of taking the program!

Dear Annie,

You are in the wonderful position that you (probably) don’t remember me, since you’ve changed so many people’s lives. I, however, am in the equally wonderful position to be one of these lucky people, and I think of you every day.

It has been over 6 months since I started your DVD course – to please my husband, since I had resigned myself to a POTS-dominated life and I’d tried “everything”. I am still in shock when I contrast my life then to my life now, especially after attending the seminar in Skylonda in June. Tears of gratitude fill my eyes when I remember that not so long ago, we kept a wheelchair in the house, so that I could occasionally attempt to join my family’s activities….that a walk up my short street required the use of a walker with a seat….that I would hide in my house to avoid the pitying looks of my neighbors…and most of all – that I couldn’t be anywhere near the mother I wanted to be for my four lovely daughters, and felt like a burden to my incredibly supportive and loving husband.

Now…I can cook and clean my house without a second thought – so trivial, but so amazing to me! I can jog up a hill, run up and down stairs, take my girls out on full day trips on my own, and see the joy I am filled with shining back right at me from my husband’s eyes.  For I truly am filled with joy, love, gratitude and appreciation.  

I can make plans and stick to them, not driven by the whims of my limbic and autonomic systems. I am a loving, happy, present person, mother and wife.  

I can participate fully in life!

I will be forever grateful to you for your gift of fully experiencing the sweetness of life, even more than ever before…

Thank you,  Annie. They’re such small words, with so much feeling behind them!

Wishing you every success in changing the world for so many more people with the magic of neuroplasticity!

Ever Grateful,


To someone who is still suffering, she says, “The DNRS was like a key that opened a door that was locked, that I didn’t even know was there. I had felt numb and unfeeling, without even realizing it. Aside from the huge measurable, physical changes that the DNRS program made possible, what’s even more important to me is the fact that I’m so much happier as a person! There is so much sweetness and beauty everywhere. It is just waiting for you… You can do this. Your brain can change; it is programmed to change. It’s changing right now! All you have to do is harness and direct that change. Don’t give up if you aren’t healed right away; think of all the roots a plant has to grow underneath the ground before it flowers. Keep that beautiful flower in mind and it will become even more beautiful than you imagine it!”­

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