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Our DNRS™ Coaches know what you’re experiencing – through the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ they’ve all recovered from illnesses associated with limbic system dysfunction and have now devoted their time to helping you! While every coach has had their own personal experience of recovery, all coaches are highly trained to work with all forms of limbic system dysfunction. All coaches work with all clients regardless of geographical location.

telephone-supportDynamic Neural Retraining System™ Coaching services are available to Members Only who have completed the DVD series or the DNRS “In Person” program.

You can book with the coach of your preference pending availability.  To get the most from your coaching sessions, we recommend that you stay with the same coach throughout your recovery journey.  Please note that if you wish to switch coaches at any time, you will need to book a 55 minute session with your new coach to allow them time to review your file.

With a DNRS™ Coach you can customize your practice to your individual needs and ensure that you are practicing in the quickest and most effective way possible. A personal coach is an excellent support system as you move through your recovery.

Please note that Coaching is not a counselling service nor a crisis intervention line. Coaching is a collaborative effort that often requires the client to take concrete action steps. During your call, your Certified DNRS Coach may offer practical suggestions based on your current situation that will assist you in moving forward.

We understand that coaching may not be suitable for everyone, therefore DNRS reserves the right to discontinue coaching or refer to other services if deemed appropriate.  These services are intended for adults only.

Your initial session will include documenting your health history to date in order to identify various challenges that have contributed to limbic system impairment, along with creating a personalized strategy for moving forward. For best results, we would encourage you to book a series of regular coaching sessions to keep you on track.
We look forward to assisting you in your recovery journey as you learn how to Retrain Your Brain, Transform Your Health and Reclaim Your Life!

Your Coaching Options


70 Minute Initial Session

For new clients.  In your initial session your DNRS Coach will go over your health history to date in order to identify various challenges that have contributed to limbic system impairment along with creating a personalized strategy for moving forward.

$120.00 USD



Initial 70 Minute Session plus 4 x 30 Minute Sessions

For new clients.  Includes initial 70 minute session and four 30 minute follow-up sessions.

A 10% savings.

$305.00 USD


Follow-Up Coaching Package.  3 x 55 Minute Sessions

For returning clients.  Stay on track for continuous guidance and support during your retraining period.

A 10% savings.

$270.00 USD


55 Minute Follow-up Session

For returning clients**.  For added support, clarity and guidance, schedule a single coaching session to customize your practice or address a challenge you are facing. This powerful session will help you develop concrete action steps for achieving your goals.

**Please note: Returning clients are required to book their follow-up sessions with their current DNRS coach. If you wish to change coaches, you must book a 55 minute session.

$100.00 USD



Follow-Up Coaching Package.
6 x 30 Minute Follow-up Sessions

For returning clients**.  Stay on track for continuous guidance and support! Six 30 minute follow-up sessions.

A 10% savings.

**Please note: Returning clients are required to book their follow-up sessions with their current DNRS coach. If you wish to change coaches, you must book a 55 minute session.

$297.00 USD


30 Minute Follow-up Session

For returning clients**.  For on-going support, clarity, and guidance.


**Please note: Returning clients are required to book their follow-up sessions with their current DNRS coach. If you wish to change coaches, you must book a 55 minute session.

$55.00 USD

Meet Our Certified DNRS Coaching Team

Michelle Bubnis – Certified Program Instructor and Coach

Michelle joined the DNRS team after recovering from severe electric hypersensitivity syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities and Lyme disease. After seeing countless medical specialists and trying multiple treatments without much improvement, she felt like she had no other option but to live a life of extreme avoidance and isolation. Michelle spent several years homebound, in complete avoidance of electro magnetic fields and was so disabled she was unable to take care of herself. After years of continually searching for an answer a friend told her about DNRS, and she began the program.

No longer imprisoned by her environment, Michelle is free to travel the world. She can do anything she wants at any time that she wants! Michelle is happy to resume her role as an educator, world traveller and athlete who swims, runs and works out!

Michelle has 21 years of experience as a teacher, counsellor and school administrator. With a BSc in life science and a masters degree in education with an emphasis in counselling, Michelle is happy to help others who are willing to embrace the DNRS program as their neural rehabilitation program for recovery!

Tessa Malcarne – Certified Coach

Before discovering the Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Tessa Malcarne suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Anxiety, Depression,Migraines, and Digestive Issues. Her life had gone into a downward spiral. Tessa made a full recovery using DNRS, and within months, was back to a normal life of doing yoga in studios, teaching in a public school, and traveling like she once was able to.

Tessa has a B.A. in Earth Science and Liberal Studies, and M.S. in Elementary School Education. She is currently an elementary school science teacher, who focuses on environmental health and wellness, and coordinates/facilitates science education for other science teachers.

Tessa’s true passion is helping others who struggle with similar ailments that she once had, and is thrilled to be able to do this through the DNRS.

Kelly Showalter – Program Instructor and Certified Coach (fluent in English and Spanish)

Before discovering DNRS, Kelly had been diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders as well as MCS, food allergies and sensitivities, and mold illness. Due to constant fatigue, she had to quit teaching high school Spanish and was mostly home bound due to smells triggering symptoms. At one point, she was only able to eat about 15 foods and weighed less than 100 pounds. She discovered DNRS in 2014 and made a full recovery by early 2015. Autoimmune markers no longer show up in her blood and she is now able to enjoy foods again. Smells no longer bother her and she is therefore, able to go anywhere she wants. She once again enjoys doing the things she loves such as traveling, hiking, exercising, cooking, and attending theater and museums.  Kelly’s story of recovery can be found on her website

Kelly has a M.A. in Spanish and is bilingual in Spanish and English. Although she no longer teaches, she works with students with disabilities as well as coaches for DNRS. She looks forward to using her teaching skills to educate and coach those who are using DNRS. She has a passion for helping others and sharing her healing experience.  Kelly works with DNRS clients from the United States and Canada.   Kelly can only accept clients outside of Canada and the USA if they have Skype accounts.

Linda Green – Certified Coach

Linda Green joined the DNRS team having recovered from a laundry list of symptoms related to chronic Lyme Disease including Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, severe food sensitivities, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, fatigue, Electric Magnetic Sensitivities, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), PTSD, anxiety and depression using DNRS. Over the course of her illness, she was at times bedridden and homebound and required a caregiver. Linda is a graduate of the May 2014 DNRS seminar.  Now, she is thriving! Linda is thrilled to be able to help you regain your health and reclaim your life!  Her lengthy list of past treatments and remarkable story of recovery can be found here.

Linda was a park ranger for 32 years working with park visitors in seven U.S. national parks.  She has a B.A. in Communications and Psychology.  She loves people and loves life! Linda is delighted to bring her skills to her role as a DNRS coach.

Alita Hetland – Certified Coach

Alita Hetland is a successful graduate of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and no longer suffers from a limbic system disorder – an issue that plagued her for over 20 years.

For Alita, this impairment manifested as symptoms of fatigue, nausea, shakiness, reactivity to chemicals, heightened sense of smell and lack of mental clarity associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Alita had been to see countless of well-meaning specialists throughout the years, however they were not able to assist her in a full recovery.

Thrilled to have finally found the answer, Alita is excited to be able to assist others on their path to wellness and honored to be a DNRS Coach.  She also works as a career counselor assisting clients in overcoming their barriers and developing their individual path to achieving their goals.

Gina Magester – Certified Coach (Spanish)

Gina Magester joined the DNRS team having recovered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electric Hypersensitivity through DNRS Program.

Gina is from Barcelona Spain and has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Master in Human Resources Management.

Now that she is recovered, Gina is excited to be able to assist others on their path to wellness as a Spanish DNRS Coach.

To read Gina’s recovery story and other information regarding health and nutrition please go to: (in Spanish).


Gina Magester se ha integrado al equipo de DNRS habiéndose recuperado de Sensibilidad Química Múltiple y Electrosensibilidad mediante el Programa DNRS.

Gina es de Barcelona, España, y es Licenciada en Administración de Empresas con Maestría en Gestión de Recursos Humanos.

Ahora que está recuperada, está complacida de poder asistir a otras personas a recuperarse para alcanzar el bienestar como Asesora DNRS en Español.

Para conocer más acerca de la recuperación de Gina y otra información relevante sobre salud y alimentación visita:

Christine Lindberg – Certified Program Instructor & Coach

Christine Lindberg joined the DNRS team having recovered from post trauma and anxiety issues, chronic joint pain, fatigue and digestive issues through DNRS.  In fact, Christine’s healing experience with DNRS is a family affair.  Her oldest son, now 22 years old, has experienced full recovery from symptoms related to long-term chronic Lyme disease, including food sensitivities, digestive and sleep issues, temperature regulation, anxiety, OCD tendencies and fatigue.

Christine is passionate and eager to now help others regain their health, and be set free from the devastating impact of chronic illness.

Christine has been an adult educator and group facilitator for over 20 years.  She has a B.A. in Human and Social Development with a focus in youth and family counselling as well as a Bachelor of Education. She is thrilled to bring these skills to her role as a Dynamic Neural Retraining Instructor and DNRS Coach.

Christine is currently not accepting new coaching clients.

Jana Smith – Certified Coach

Prior to DNRS, Jana had suffered from Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Anxiety, Depression, and severe Food Sensitivities. Jana even grew all of her own food, yet still she was sick.  Nothing offered hope until she found the Dynamic Neural Retraining System in 2013.

Jana has a Bachelor of Science in Health Education with a minor in Biology, and a Master of Arts in Teaching Health Education.  She taught High School Health, Anatomy and Physiology, and Health Occupations for a few years before starting a family.

To read Jana’s recovery story, please go to:

Jana is currently not accepting new coaching clients.

Doris Ward – Certified Coach

Doris discovered the healing power of the DNRS following a decade-long journey down the rabbit hole of limbic system impairment. A perfect storm of predisposing factors culminated in a growing number of seemingly unrelated health issues from skin rashes, food sensitivities and leaky gut to chronic fatigue, allergies and mold illness.

With a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, and Masters Degree in Communication, Doris worked in the private and public health care system for two decades.

Over the years, Doris has continued to pursue her passion for health and healing completing a yoga instructor’s certificate, an Integrative Health Coach training program and extensive studies in positive psychology. A strong believer in the power of the DNRS to free you from limbic system impairment, Doris welcomes the opportunity to bring her knowledge and personal experiences to bear in her role as a DNRS coach.

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