How Does the Program Work?

At DNRS™ our focus is on rewiring the limbic system of the brain – not chasing symptoms.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is a drug-free, step-by-step, intensive limbic rehabilitation program that is taught from a platform of environmental awareness. Techniques used in the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ are based on neuroplasticity therapy, which rewires the limbic system to build more functional neural pathways.

It is the disorganization of neural networks that occur during trauma that can cause deep protective mechanisms within the limbic system of the brain to fire more rapidly and inappropriately. This results in a heightened chronic stress response that may affect many systems of the brain and body, especially those involved with emotion, sensory perception and cognitive function. Additionally, symptoms may include chronic inflammation, poor memory, brain fog, digestion issues, lowered energy levels, numerous sensitivities, chronic pain, and a host of other ailments. Functions such as detoxification, absorption of nutrients or cellular communication can also become compromised.

At DNRS™ we help our clients understand how various forms of trauma may have triggered a maladapted stress response in the deep protective circuits of the brain. For many, this can be at the very root of suffering and can be contributing to their overall health and well being. We assist our clients in cultivating the “curious observer” of thought, emotion and behaviour patterns that are associated with a maladapted stress response. We teach practical tools that demonstrate how to effectively change and redirect associated neural patterns to kick start the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Participants are taught a practical step by step process that involves visual, spatial, movement, language and emotional restructuring exercises to regulate the chronic stress response and promote optimal health. This results in a decrease of the firing of threat and protective mechanisms, allowing for the formation of new neural pathways.

As the control centre for optimal health, when the brain is working functionally, the body has the opportunity to function optimally as well. This focus on rewiring limbic system function shifts the brain and body from a chronic sympathetic response associated with the fight or flight state into a parasympathetic state, or a state of growth and repair, where true healing can take place.

Building Synapses

Building Synapses

This intensive program is experiential in nature and integrates components of:
• cognitive-behaviour therapy
• mindfulness based cognitive restructuring
• emotional restructuring therapy
• neural linguistic programming
• incremental training (a form of neural shaping)
• behaviour modification therapy

This mechanism-targeted behavioural intervention is based in an affect-science perspective, and focuses on the training of a number of regulatory skills including attention focusing, attention distraction, cognitive reappraisal, emotional distancing and emotion regulation.

The program is available in two formats: our 14 Hour Instructional DVD Series or our 14 Hour Online Course.

Our DVD Series and Online Course runs for 14 hours in total. We recommend dedicating 4 days to learning the program when working with either of the instructional videos, but if this is not possible, you can watch at your own pace.

All formats of the program will leave you with a solid understanding of the limbic system and its function, an understanding of the science of neuroplasticity, and of course, the practical tools you will need to implement to rewire the brain and reclaim your health. For additional support we encourage you to join our Global Community Forum, attend our 12-week group support series, purchase the 5 hour follow up video A Deeper Dive Into DNRS or book Individual Coaching Sessions.

After you complete the training, you will need to commit at least one hour per day to apply all elements of the program, including the DNRS™ exercises for at least 6 months. In order for the program to be effective, it is imperative that you dedicate this time, as it is in this daily repetition of the DNRS™ exercises that the new, healthy neural pathways you will be creating are fully entrenched.

Please note that this is not a quick fix program. While immediate results can happen within the initial training period, one must commit daily for a minimum of six months to receive the full benefits of this revolutionary training.

To purchase the 14 Hour Instructional Video, please go to our Services & Resources page. Let us show you how to retrain your brain, transform your health and reclaim your life!

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