Posted on July 26, 2022

Dr. Louise’s Leap of Faith: Recovering From POTS & Long-Covid With DNRS

Dr. Louise Evans is a general practitioner from the UK. She is recovering from POTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome), brain fog, chronic fatigue, post exertional malaise, and various sensitivities due to Long Haul Covid.

She contracted Covid for a second time in March of 2021. Louise found herself unable to walk and needed a wheelchair and had to quit working. She tried numerous treatments then heard about DNRS. 

After four short weeks of implementing the program, Louise has gone from using a wheelchair to taking her 6 year old twin daughters to an adventure playground where she walked for most of a day with no symptoms!  Louise used to have to wear medical grade 2 compression stockings, and now she no longer has to! At one point she was fainting excessively and chipped her front teeth, resulting in veneers. Now she reports no more fainting, no more brain fog, and she has much more energy!

Incredible!! Louise said, “All the science of the program makes total sense, and why don’t more medical professionals know about DNRS and neuroplasticity?”

Recently, Dr. Louise sent DNRS founder, Annie Hopper, an email with an update on her progress. Read the encouraging excerpts from her email below:

“Thank you so so much for giving me my life back, you have set me on my road to healing! 

My POTS is now fully healed as you can see from the videos below! I still have work to do on myalgia, fatigue and neuropathy… but six weeks ago when I started DNRS I couldn’t get out of bed for four days after going on a one hour trip for a blood test. I’m in a bit of an ebb but I know I will come out the other side and can take what I’ve learnt to help with incremental training for the CFS [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] side of things!”

The photo below shows a “before and after” of the video that Dr. Louise sent us to show how her lower heart rate reflects her recovery from POTS:

POTS recovery image

Dr. Louise’s resting heart rate before (left) and after (right) doing the DNRS program to recover from POTS.

Dr. Louise is committed to implementing all pillars of the program and will continue to use the program to reach total recovery. And once she does will share with the medical community the benefits of DNRS!


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