Posted on December 11, 2023

Jason’s Long-Covid Recovery With DNRS: Better Now Than Ever

Within days of starting the DNRS program, I noticed the extreme fatigue and cognitive difficulties start to fade away. I felt like I was waking up from a never-ending nightmare – like I got another shot at life. Within a few months, my energy came back, my brain is sharp again and I can do and eat anything I want!

Jason, age 45, was previously healthy and active before contracting COVID-19 in March of 2020. The acute infection led to two months of bronchitis, which eventually resolved with medical treatment. However, once the cough subsided, Jason noticed his heart felt strange and was beating irregularly. He had developed a form of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart).

Jason also experienced cognitive difficulties and extreme fatigue that led to spending most of the day in bed sleeping and watching Netflix. When he felt well enough, he would go for a walk or run, and then feel exhausted for a few days. As the months wore on, Jason was starting to lose hope that he would ever return to his active life and career.

Jason struggled to find solutions, and was willing to go to great lengths to feel better. For example, based on guidance from others experiencing fatigue, Jason went on an anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet. “I was like, well if I have to eat veggies for the rest of my life, I guess I’ll eat veggies for the rest of my life,” Jason explained.

Fortunately, a friend who had found relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after retraining the brain with the DNRS Program recommended Jason try it as a COVID long-haulers treatment.

Jason recovered from long-covid

Jasons’ Outcomes from the DNRS Program

Jason started the DNRS Program in December of 2020 and began to experience changes in the first few days. “A lot of that skepticism and jadedness had lifted,” he said, “and [I felt] more hope and joy in general.”

Jason committed to daily DNRS brain retraining, and by April of 2021 his fatigue and brain fog had lifted and he was living a normal life once more. He now has the energy to dance and do hill sprints without being tired the next day. With a smile on his face, Jason described his new diet. He can eat everything now: meat, dairy, cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, ice cream, really tasty stuff. Even better, Jason is no longer experiencing the sugar crashes he used to have pre-COVID.

How does he explain this change? Jason said:

“The science [behind the DNRS Program] is the science behind how people recover from strokes and head injury so it’s a really solid science about how the brain creates new pathways. It’s new wiring. I tapped into a new battery.”

When Jason reflects back on the summer of 2020 he remembers thinking, “How am I going to travel again? Will I ever fly again, take a road trip?” Fast forward to April of 2021, and through grateful tears Jason shared about his recent road trip across the country to stay with friends. He was able to drive a 12 hour day, stay in a hotel overnight, and get up and drive another 12 hours. Before DNRS this would have been unimaginable! Jason is amazed at how fast life changed and how quickly he recovered using DNRS as a long-hauler’s treatment.

Jason Has More Energy Now Than Before Contracting Covid

Recently, Jason sent an email to DNRS founder, Annie Hopper, with an update about how different and remarkable life is after doing the DNRS program:

Hi Annie,

Even though we’ve talked about how remarkable my recovery was from long haul Covid, I wanted to follow up with how noticeable my recovery is to other people. I’m in a 1 year intensive masters program this year at NYU and a number of my classmates (some are 20 or more years younger than me) have remarked how much energy I have. 

We were in Berlin for a short January semester and we’d go out dancing sober to 4am, 6am, sometimes 9:30am, and still kept up with my studies. Younger students openly wondered how I had more energy than them, and one said “you have more of a lust for life than anyone I know.” 

[With Long-Covid] if I did mild exertion for a couple of hours, I’d have to be in bed for days. The change was the DNRS program and I want to thank you again for sharing your gift with the world. -Jason Snell

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