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The program can address many condition associated with a maladapted chronic stress response. The list of conditions the DNRS™ program has been successful in addressing continues to grow. Click here to see a comprehensive list of conditions the program has been successful for.


Looking at your illness from a brain perspective and one that you can personally influence through neuroplasticity is probably different from anything that you’ve tried to date.

Our program, while cognitive in nature, addresses the functioning of the limbic system. It is much more than simply changing one’s attitude or thinking a different way. It actually creates structural and functional changes in parts of the brain. We are in the process of securing brain imaging research to demonstrate this in a very concrete way.

Most people that come to our program have a certain degree of skepticism. Many of our clients came to us after having tried everything in conventional and alternative medicine to recover.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is based on the latest research in neuroscience and is a completely new paradigm in health and healing. Someday, programs like ours will be mainstream in health care, but in the meantime we are pioneering a new way of teaching people to self-direct neuroplastic changes so that they may reclaim their own health.

It takes a level of openness and a willingness to set aside what we think we know about health and healing in order to fully embrace this new paradigm. The program is absolutely worth doing. It creates profound changes for people on many different levels. We encourage you to take the time to work through the program and gain the understanding about neuroplasticity and the limbic system.

We recommend the following books to learn more about neuroplasticity:

Wired for Healing: Remapping the Brain to Recover from Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses by DNRS™ founder, Annie Hopper

The Brain that Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza


Your brain is the control center for all systems of the body. Brain retraining helps in improving brain function. As you rewire your limbic system and normalize the stress response, you may see tremendous healing in organ systems as well. You may also find that your detoxification system function improves, as the body is able to detoxify itself of heavy metals and other toxins after the program. This can also help in the expression of genes, as they are no longer influenced by the factors associated with a state of illness.

On each day of the program (whether 5 Day Interactive Training Seminar or on Instructional Video), we address the science of neuroplasticity as well as the parts of the limbic system and what they are responsible for in terms of our functioning. As we delve deeper into how the limbic system operates it becomes possible to understand that while toxic overload can initiate brain trauma, the on-going symptoms are due to a limbic system impairment.


Retraining your brain takes time and dedication. Our Instructional Video is 14-hours in length, and our Interactive Training Seminar takes place over 5 days. The The Interactive Video is set up to be completed over 4 days, but you can also watch at your own pace if needed.

Once you have learned the program content (in either format), we recommend that you dedicate one hour per day to the specific exercise pertaining to the DNRS Retraining steps, for at least 6 months. There are other elements of the program to keep in mind throughout the day. The one hour a day dedication to the DNRS Retraining steps does not have to be done all at once but can be done in smaller chunks throughout the course of a day.  Most of our clients break it up into two 30-minute sessions, three 20-minute sessions or four 15-minute sessions. We encourage you to aim for 60 minutes, while being flexible to do what you can manage at first, and don’t overextend yourself.  You are exercising your brain in ways that it is unaccustomed to, so it is normal for the retraining steps to feel a bit challenging. This is how the brain strengthens to form new pathways. Building new pathways takes time, repetition and reinforcement. Please keep in mind that healing is generally not a linear process and we are here to support you each step of the way.

The program is flexible and you will be able to tailor the program to your individual needs. Our DNRS™ coaches can help you create a personalized strategy, to ensure you are benefiting from the program as much as possible.

The physical exercises (which are one component of the program) combine speech, visualization, and full body movement. The exercises are not physically demanding or strenuous. You will not be asked to meditate. The program is solely based on the science of neuroplasticity and not based on religious beliefs.

DNRS™ is a cognitive neurorehabilitation program that integrates mindfulness based cognitive restructuring, emotional restructuring therapy, neural linguistic programming and incremental exposure and behaviour modification therapy. This mechanism-targeted behavioural intervention is based in an affect-science perspective, and focuses on the training of a number of regulatory skills including attention focusing, attention distraction, cognitive reappraisal, emotional distancing, emotion regulation as well as experiential and incremental exposure therapy to contexts of perceived risk.

The program is taught from a platform of environmental awareness.


Everyone’s brain heals differently. While some people can notice a very profound decrease in symptoms and improvement in health in a relatively short amount of time, we also recognize that it is not uncommon for people to make more subtle shifts over a longer period. Often times, there is an ebb and flow to recovery. You may not see a daily shift in symptoms during the retraining period, but this does not mean the brain isn’t engaged in the rewiring process. Symptoms dissipate as the new, healthy neural pathways are strengthened. Regardless of the time period involved with your change in symptoms, recovery requires a full understanding of all aspects of the program, and a commitment to fully implement and apply the program daily at least one hour per day for a minimum of 6 months.


As the program is drug free, it will not interfere with the treatments that you may be undergoing. We encourage you to continue to support your body. The DNRS™ program is focused on changing neural patterns in the brain that are associated with illness and a chronic stress response. As the brain is the center for optimal health, many people find that over time, they can reduce or eliminate medications as they rewire their brain. We highly recommend that you work closely with your primary health care provider should you choose to decrease medications or supplements.


Yes, when your limbic system is rewired, your sense of smell will return to normal. One of the most common symptoms of limbic system impairment is sensory distortion, or hypersensitivity to various sensory stimuli like smell, taste, light, sound and touch. While we recognize that the initial brain injury may have been due to a chemical trauma, we also recognize that because of this trauma, the neural circuits in the brain become disorganized. The brain becomes stuck in a chronic fight, flight or freeze state and is classifying small amounts of any similar substances as potentially life threatening. When you retrain your brain, you will be free to do what you want to do and where you want to go. Inevitably, because of your experience, you have learned to make healthier choices about the way that you live and the products that you use – and that is a win/win for all of us.


The program is non-denominational in nature. It will not conflict with your religious beliefs, and we encourage you to incorporate your beliefs while applying all elements of the program.


At this time we are not offering 5 day interactive seminars and are unable to give you a timeline regarding if and when this may change. As a result of the pandemic, we created additional support services that will allow you to garner the same positive results as attending a live program, but from the comfort of your own home. Our products and services provide community, added clarity and guidance and the motivation that you need to implement the program consistently. Your first step is to watch and implement the foundational learning in our 14 hour instructional video.

The DNRS™ 14-Hour Instructional Video:

We offer our Instructional Videos in two formats: our 14-hour Online Course or our 14-hour DVD Series. Regardless of how you watch the Instructional Videos, you will be provided with the same content and instruction. The benefit of the Online Course is that you have immediate access to the program.

Please note: the purchase of any of our Instructional Videos entitles the individual access to our membership-only DNRS™ Community Forum and access to purchase our 12-week DNRS Group Support series (LIVING DNRS) and DNRS™ Individual Coaching Support Services, and the follow up video series A Deeper Dive Into DNRS.

If you choose to purchase either of our Instructional Videos we would recommend that you consider purchasing the book ‘Wired for Healing (by DNRS™ Founder, Annie Hopper) and utilizing our DNRS™ Coaching Support Services. Our coaches can assist with tailoring the program to your individual needs/conditions, clarifying the program and answering any questions you may have, and assisting you in creating a personalized strategy for success. Please note you must finish watching the instructional videos prior to seeking coaching.

To find out the cost of all DNRS™ Instructional Video packages visit our website here:

Individual Coaching Support

WHAT IS DNRS™ COACHING Support Services?

Our DNRS™ coaches are available to clients who have completed the 14 Hour Instructional Video, or who have attended an 5 Day Interactive Training Seminar, and are looking for ongoing support. Our DNRS™ Certified Coaches can assist with tailoring the program to your individual needs/conditions, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in creating a personalized strategy for success

All of our DNRS™ coaches are graduates of the program. They have all recovered from conditions associated with Limbic System Impairment, so they truly understand what you are going through.

We highly recommend that you pair our DNRS™ Coaching Support Services with the Instructional Video. Coaching is conducted over the phone. Please note that all new coaching clients must begin with a 70 minute Initial Session.


All new coaching clients must start with a 70 minute Initial Session. This will allow the coach enough time to establish your health history, answer any questions you have, and create a personalized plan for success.


Yes! Once you purchase your coaching package, you will be sent a link via email that will allow you to schedule your session. As part of the booking process, you will choose which coach you would like to work with. Click here to read our coaches bios.


We recommend that you choose a coach who you would like to work with throughout your coaching journey. If you would like to change coaches, you will have to purchase a 50 minute session to begin working with a new coach. This will allow your new coach the time necessary to establish your health history and ensure they are able to offer you the best possible guidance for your individual needs.

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Alita Hetland
Certified Coach

Alita suffered for over 20 years from many debilitating and chronic issues. Over the years, she sought the help of many well-meaning specialists and was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anxiety, Mold Sensitivities, Digestive Issues and Electrical Hyper Sensitivity. However, it wasn’t until finding DNRS that she was able to fully recover from her symptoms of fatigue, nausea, shakiness, reactivity to chemicals, electricity, heightened sense of smell, lack of mental clarity, and the depression and anxiety that was a result of these chronic issues. Alita feels the silver lining to this experience is being able to now assist others in their journey to full recovery.

Alita holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. As a career counselor for 12 years she assisted clients in meeting and attaining their career goals. She has a natural ability and the background to compassionately support, guide, and uplift others. Her dedication to helping others who are seeking to regain their health and wellness continues to grow! She feels a passion and a calling to be in service to others, and is proud to be part of the DNRS Coaching team.

Alita’s story of recovery can be found here.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Anysia Bates
Certified Coach

Anysia Bates joined the DNRS team after recovering from Lyme Disease, multiple chemical sensitivities, brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, food allergies, EMF sensitivities, nervous system issues, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. At the height of her illness, she experienced over 100 symptoms; rendering her scared, exhausted, and unable to work. Enduring years of visiting countless doctors and trying innumerous inadequate treatments, she continued to seek a cure and thankfully began the DNRS program on her birthday in 2017. DNRS was truly the greatest gift Anysia could have received. Since recovering, Anysia’s life is now filled with pure joy, and meaningful, serendipitous connections. She goes anywhere, can eat anything, and has immeasurable energy!

Anysia holds a B.A. in Sociology and has 14 years experience in the Social Work field, along with 20 years’ experience as a Yoga Practitioner. Anysia and her husband enjoy volunteering on Special Education and RMHC Boards. Besides laughing with her loved ones, Anysia can be found happily riding bikes, hiking, frequenting concerts, and traveling with her husband and their young adult son and daughter.

Anysia is grateful to be a part of the DNRS team. Her illness and recovery have fueled her desire to become a DNRS Coach. With a sincere ambition to be an instrument of support, Anysia wishes to help others facilitate their own healing journey through DNRS. She is committed to hold space and is thrilled for others as they transform from Limbic System Impairment to reclaim their own vitality.  Her Success Story can be found here.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Connie Boczarski
Coach Supervisor, Certified LIVING DNRS Facilitator and Coach

Prior to discovering DNRS™, Connie suffered from chronic inflammatory response syndrome or mold illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivities and food sensitivities. Due to a long list of disabling symptoms, she was unable to take care of herself, and was forced to close her business, sell her home and move in with family. Even though she was practicing extreme mold avoidance that had been recommended by doctors, she continued to spiral downward and add more conditions to her growing list of ailments.

Now fully recovered, Connie is enjoying a full life once again and doing all the things that bring meaning and joy to her life. She is thrilled to be working, volunteering, exercising and traveling with friends and family. She is passionate about helping others reclaim their lives with neuroplasticity and DNRS™.

During her 15 year chiropractic career, Connie strived to educate patients and devise care plans tailored to their individual goals and needs. She is excited to bring this skill set to her role as a DNRS™ coach.

Connie is currently not accepting new clients.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Emily Lofaro
Certified Coach

Emily Lofaro joins the DNRS team after recovering from a number of chronic issues, including food sensitivities, chemical and mold sensitivities, severe memory issues and brain fog, and other symptoms related to limbic system impairment.

Some of her challenges began as a young child, and she had come to accept so many of them as “permanent.” Now that she is fully recovered, she enjoys a healthy and vibrant life and is not limited in any way!

 More on Emily’s recovery can be found at

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Doris Ward
Certified Coach

Doris discovered the healing power of the DNRS™ following a decade-long journey down the rabbit hole of limbic system impairment. A perfect storm of predisposing factors culminated in a growing number of seemingly unrelated health issues from skin rashes, food sensitivities and leaky gut to chronic fatigue, allergies and mold illness.

Doris holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, and Masters Degree in Communication, and training in wholistic health modalities.

A strong believer in the power of the DNRS™ to free you from limbic system impairment, Doris welcomes the opportunity to bring her knowledge and personal experiences to bear in her role as a DNRS™ coach.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Emma Harper
Certified Coach

Using DNRS Emma recovered from several life limiting symptoms including, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, severe food sensitivities, sensitivity to sound, chemicals and EMFs, environmental allergies, IBS, fatigue, associated depression and anxiety, PTSD, insomnia and type 2 diabetes.

Emma is very grateful that she has been given a second chance at living life to the fullest, with abounding activity, fun, travel and adventure. Not only has her life transformed but so has life for her family, with her son also reaping the health benefits of DNRS.

Emma has a B.A. Hons. in Drama and has worked as a teacher and humor therapist in healthcare settings. She brings compassion and creativity to her role as a DNRS coach and is excited to help others achieve the health transformation they are seeking through the DNRS program.  She is able to support clients in adapting the program to all situations, including a busy family and working life.

Living in the Australian time zone means she is available for US and Canadian clients in the afternoons and evenings and for Europeans in the mornings and many openings for those in the Asia/Australia Region. Emma really enjoys working with clients from around the globe.

Emma loves living near the ocean where she surfs, snorkels, and swims regularly with her friends and family and just appreciates beauty in nature including her garden at home.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Erica Madden
Certified Coach

Before discovering DNRS™, Erica suffered multiple TBI’s/concussions and cervical spine injuries which led her down a lonely path of debilitating illness. A life of avoidance led to more limitation, isolation, and hopelessness. Out of desperation and trying every treatment she could, she spent everything she had left and ordered DNRS™.

Erica successfully rewired her brain and reclaimed her entire life and more. She no longer worries about a life of post traumatic stress disorder, post concussion syndrome, severe light and sound sensitivities, fibromyalgia, vision changes, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, multiple chemical and electrical sensitivities, and digestive issues. She is fully recovered and enjoying life as a wife and new mother!

Erica has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Erica’s greatest desire is to be a beacon of hope and understanding for those who are suffering. Her personal recovery experience and education as an RN have fueled her desire to dive deeper in the world of neuroplasticity and become a DNRS™ coach. She is excited for the opportunity to guide others on their journey to wellness.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Karen Daisa
Certified Coach

Karen Daisa is grateful and honored to be a member of the DNRS™ team. After a toxic mold exposure, Karen became sensitive to almost everything: mold, chemicals, foods, EMF’s, light, sound, touch, and most environments other than her own home. Life was about survival as the environmental stressors were constant. After implementing the DNRS™ program with dedication and commitment, Karen has recovered and reclaimed her life! She is happy and healthy and loves her life with her husband, daughter and puppy!

Karen has 17 years experience in health care and is thrilled to bring her skills in the healing arts to her role as a DNRS™ Coach. Her story of recovery can be found here.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

DNRS Coach Linda Green

Linda Green
Certified Coach

Linda Green joined the DNRS™ team having recovered from a laundry list of symptoms related to chronic Lyme Disease including Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, mold illness/CIRS, severe food sensitivities, chronic pain, sleep disturbances, fatigue, Electric Magnetic Sensitivities, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), PTSD, anxiety and depression using DNRS™. Over the course of her illness, she was at times bedridden and homebound and required a caregiver. Linda is a graduate of the May 2014 DNRS™ seminar.  Now, she is thriving! Linda is thrilled to be able to help you regain your health and reclaim your life!  Her lengthy list of past treatments and remarkable story of recovery can be found here.

Linda was a park ranger for 32 years working with park visitors in seven U.S. national parks.  She has a B.A. in Communications and Psychology.  She loves people and loves life! Linda is delighted to bring her skills to her role as a DNRS™ coach.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Rebecca Juan
Certified Coach

Rebecca is thrilled to have recovered fully from her limbic system impairment through DNRS™.  She struggled with anxiety, a weakened immune system, multiple chemical sensitivity, and many food intolerances since the perfect storm of trauma in her adolescence. She is so grateful that DNRS™ gave her the opportunity to live a whole new life!

Rebecca holds a M.A. in Counseling and a B.A. in Environmental Studies reflecting her values of healing, love, and connection.

Rebecca is passionate about cooking and learning new recipes from around the world.  She loves to travel and spend time outdoors and feels like she can jump into these passions fully since her recovery.

Rebecca is available whole heartedly to offer support, clarity, and guidance to those who are ready to recover from limbic system impairment.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Riley Lindberg
Certified Coach

Riley Lindberg joined the DNRS team having recovered from Lyme Disease, food and chemical sensitivities, pain and inflammation, severe anxiety, OCD, mobility limitations, chronic fatigue, temperature dysregulation, post-exertion malaise, digestive issues, PTSD-like symptoms and insomnia.

During the 6 years that Riley was ill, he spent nearly 4 of those years bedridden, wheelchair bound, stricken with facial paralysis, and needing fulltime care. Before finding DNRS, Riley tried a myriad of other treatment modalities, however, he was unable to reach full recovery. Fortunately, in 2014 he found DNRS!   Currently Riley plays on multiple hockey teams, works out regularly and does what he wants to with passion and drive!

Riley’s greatest passion is helping people. As someone who knows intimately the struggles of chronic illness, Riley’s mission is to use the knowledge he gained while healing, to encourage and support others in their own journey towards full-recovery. Riley’s involvement with DNRS includes not only his coaching role, but also supporting others by speaking at the in-person seminars and filming video testimonials and interviews about his recovery journey. He cannot imagine being involved in a more fulfilling career.

Riley’s story can be found here.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Michelle Bubnis
LIVING DNRS Facilitator & Certified Coach

Michelle joined the DNRS™ team after recovering from severe electric hypersensitivity syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities and Lyme disease. After seeing countless medical specialists and trying multiple treatments without much improvement, she felt like she had no other option but to live a life of extreme avoidance and isolation. Michelle spent several years homebound, in complete avoidance of electro magnetic fields and was so disabled she was unable to take care of herself. After years of continually searching for an answer a friend told her about DNRS™, and she began the program.

No longer imprisoned by her environment, Michelle is free to travel the world. She can do anything she wants at any time that she wants! Michelle is happy to resume her role as an educator, world traveller and athlete who swims, runs and works out!

Michelle has 21 years of experience as a teacher, counsellor and school administrator. With a BSc in life science and a masters degree in education with an emphasis in counselling, Michelle is happy to help others who are willing to embrace the DNRS™ program as their neural rehabilitation program for recovery!

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

Kelly Showalter
LIVING DNRS Facilitator & Certified Coach

Before discovering DNRS™, Kelly had been diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders as well as MCS, food allergies and sensitivities, and mold illness. Due to constant fatigue, she had to quit teaching high school Spanish and was mostly home bound due to smells triggering symptoms. At one point, she was only able to eat about 15 foods and weighed less than 100 pounds. She discovered DNRS™ in 2014 and made a full recovery by early 2015. Autoimmune markers no longer show up in her blood and she is now able to enjoy foods again. Smells no longer bother her and she is therefore, able to go anywhere she wants. She once again enjoys doing the things she loves such as traveling, hiking, exercising, cooking, and attending theater and museums.  Kelly’s story of recovery can be found on her website

Although Kelly no longer teaches, she works with students with disabilities as well as coaches for DNRS™. She looks forward to using her teaching skills to educate and coach those who are using DNRS™. She has a passion for helping others and sharing her healing experience.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

DNRS Instructor and Coach Christine Lindberg

Christine Lindberg
Program Instructor and Coaching Supervisor

Christine Lindberg joined the DNRS team having recovered from post trauma and anxiety issues, chronic joint pain, fatigue and digestive issues through DNRS. In fact, Christine’s healing experience with DNRS is a family affair. Her son has experienced full recovery from symptoms related to long-term chronic Lyme disease, including food sensitivities, digestive and sleep issues, temperature regulation, anxiety, OCD tendencies and fatigue.

Christine is passionate about helping others regain their health, and be set free from the devastating impact of chronic illness.

Christine has been an adult educator and group facilitator for over 20 years. She has a B.A. in Human and Social Development with a focus in youth and family counselling as well as a Bachelors of Education. She is thrilled to bring these skills to her role as a Dynamic Neural Retraining Instructor and Coaching Supervisor.

Christine shares the story of her son’s recovery here.

Coach is available by either Phone or Skype Audio.

DNRS Community Forum Moderator Paula Stadnyk

Paula Stadnyk
Community Forum Moderator

Prior to discovering the DNRS Program in the most serendipitous way, Paula Stadnyk suffered from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and Electromagnetic Sensitivity. She was disconnected from life and forced to leave her job as a pharmacist. She was on the path of illness, and felt she was dying a slow death. Paula fully recovered using DNRS and feels her soul has been set free. She thrives on seeing and feeling the magic and beauty in all of life’s little things.

Paula’s passion is life itself, connecting to nature and everyone she encounters and engages with daily. She believes everyone is worthy of living their best possible life. Her greatest joy and reward comes from seeing others happy and fulfilled. If she can help ignite that inner spark, add some sparkle to your eyes, or keep your momentum going, she is one happy girl. Paula is excited for this opportunity, as a Community Forum Moderator, to be able to give back and play a role in others success.

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Self Assessment Questionnaire

    Will the DNRS™ program work for you? Take this self-assessment survey to see if your symptoms could be linked to limbic system impairment. If you answer “yes” to five or more of these questions, retraining the brain is likely to help you recover.

    1. Did you get sick from a virus, bacteria, or exposure to toxins (chemicals / mold)— and have never fully recovered?

    2. Have you experienced a physical injury or emotional trauma that has not fully resolved with treatment or therapy?

    3. Have you seen a number of health practitioners who are unable to diagnose or treat your condition effectively?

    4. Do you experience brain fog— inability to concentrate or focus, trouble remembering, tracking, or staying on task?

    5. Do you suffer from fatigue, weakness and low energy?

    6. Are you intensely exhausted after physical activity?

    7. Do you get unexplained headaches?

    8. Does your heart race for no reason?

    9. Do you feel dizzy or faint when you stand up?

    10. Have your health issues affected your ability to work?

    11. Are you having trouble sleeping?

    12. Do you have a distorted sense of smell or taste?

    13. Do you suffer from digestive problems or nausea?

    14. Have you become sensitive to foods you normally enjoy?

    15. Do you notice sensitivities to chemicals, odors, medications, supplements, light, sound, or touch?

    16. Do you find yourself ruminating on past negative events or feeling generally anxious?

    17. Has your health condition affected your relationships with friends and family?

    18. Do you suffer from chronic pain in your joints / muscles?

    19. Have you tried numerous forms of treatment, medications, and supplements— yet still feel sick and tired?

    20. Have you been told you have an “unexplained” illness, or that your symptoms are “all in your head?”

    You answered “yes” to 0 of these questions. Answering “‘yes”’ to five or more of these questions indicates that it is very likely you are experiencing a limbic system impairment, and would benefit from retraining your brain with the DNRS™ program.

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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Covid long hauler symptoms survey

      1. Do you experience brain fog, or an inability to concentrate or focus?

      2. Do you suffer from unexplained headaches?

      3. Do you suffer from low energy?

      4. Do you suffer from chronic joint and / or muscle pain?

      5. Do you have a distorted sense of smell or taste?

      6. Do you suffer from food sensitivities or digestive symptoms?

      7. Have you had a virus that you feel you have never quite recovered from?

      8. Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks?

      9. Do you have short-term memory problems?

      10. Do you often feel depressed?

      11. Do you have sleep issues?

      12. Are you limited in what you can do physically, due to your health issues?

      You answered Yes 0 times.

      If you answered "yes" to three or more of these questions, the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is likely to help.

      Ready to reclaim your life after chronic fatigue syndrome, covid?