Posted on November 8, 2023

Chronic COVID-19 Syndrome: A Brain Stuck in Trauma and Immune System Overdrive

In light of the thousands of “Long-Haulers” worldwide who have developed chronic COVID-19 symptoms, it is time to offer solutions, and explain what we believe is happening for many people who have not been able to fully recover their health.

During the COVID-19 infection, the brain switched into a ‘high alert” trauma response to prepare the body to fight the virus. This is often referred to as the “fight, flight, or freeze” response. In other words, the virus prompted a natural self-protective mechanism that resulted in changes to the brain (neuroplasticity) to protect you (immune response) against impending danger (the virus).

Oftentimes, with chronic COVID-19 syndrome and other post viral syndromes, the brain gets stuck in a trauma or “high alert” state, a.k.a. limbic system impairment, creating an over-active immune response and ensuing inflammation, even after the virus is no longer present. This can initiate chronic symptoms in multiple systems of the brain and body.

The severe impact that a virus can have on the nervous and immune systems is well documented. Post-viral syndrome has often been a part of the “perfect storm” causing many of our clients with limbic system impairment immense suffering, yet they have subsequently fully recovered through the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS).

Similar to other chronic conditions related to limbic system impairment, those suffering with chronic COVID-19 syndrome are completely frustrated with the lack of understanding about the illness. Immense focus has been placed on extreme respiratory issues, thereby giving the false impression that if you were not hospitalized or suffering from severe breathing issues, you should be fine. What we now understand is that even those who initially had a mild to moderate case of COVID-19 can suffer debilitating long-term symptoms.

Another perplexing aspect of illnesses related to limbic system impairment is that symptoms can wax and wane, and often involve many different systems of the body. It is not uncommon to experience brain fog, headaches and memory issues. Some may also experience unrelenting fatigue, sensory distortions such as loss of taste and smell, as well as pain, gut issues, tachycardia, anxiety and depression. Symptoms can also appear in respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, and even skin problems can occur. The good news is that it is possible to find relief by regulating this part of the brain, and get ‘unstuck” from the “fight, flight, or freeze” response.

If you think you are suffering from chronic COVID-19 symptoms, we invite you to explore the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) in consultation with your health care provider to see if the program is right for you. The DNRS program can be implemented alongside any pharmaceutical or medical treatment you may be taking for post-COVID-19 symptoms. DNRS will help you move your brain and body from of the hamster wheel of survival into a calm state of growth and repair, where healing can take place.

Next week, we will introduce you to Byron, and feature his recovery journey from chronic COVID-19 syndrome using DNRS. Byron developed symptoms of COVID-19 at the end of June, 2020, around the same time as one of his good friends. His immune system went into overdrive, and he suddenly became extremely sensitive to most foods. There were only three foods he could tolerate without experiencing debilitating symptoms and immune reactions. He looked emaciated, and could hardly eat anything. He felt like he was dying, and had no energy. Thankfully, that all changed when Byron’s healthcare practitioner recommended DNRS to help him recover. Join us in our next blog to find out how Byron is doing now!


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Yours in Good Health,
Annie Hopper and the DNRS Team

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