Posted on November 10, 2023

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At the height of illness, I had over 100 symptoms. Enduring years of visiting countless doctors and trying numerous treatments, I continued to seek a cure and thankfully discovered DNRS. Initially, I was skeptical about the program, but also hopeful. Ultimately, DNRS was the best gift.

Since completing my DNRS coach certification, I have continued to deepen my knowledge about the endless benefits and ways to utilize self-directed neuroplasticity. I do so to practice these principles in my own life and to share them with others. My own journey through illness and recovery fuels my desire to walk with clients, as they regain their vitality and reclaim their lives!

My experience as a Social Worker and Yoga Instructor has given me the experience to help me connect with, listen to, and hold space for others. I have been blessed to work with diverse populations and wonderfully unique individuals.

I am passionate about connecting with people and love to laugh! My favorite activities are spending time with my husband and our kids, volunteering, laughing together, riding bikes, yoga, hiking, attending concerts, hanging out with fun friends, cuddling puppies, and traveling.

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