Posted on November 10, 2023

Emma Harper

I discovered DNRS while on yet another search for hope and answers to solve the many life limiting symptoms I was experiencing. I did not respond well to the many recommended treatments I had previously tried, and I thought I would just have to suffer for the rest of my life. When I discovered DNRS, I knew I’d finally found the solution for healing. Having worked as a humor therapist for many years, the science of neuroplasticity totally made sense to me. DNRS not only validated my beliefs and professional experience but was the missing piece to my own recovery.

While implementing the program, my DNRS coach was a great support and helped me get the most out of the program and personalize it to my situation.

Now, as a coach myself, I enjoy guiding others during their own recovery process. I know it is possible because I have been there, and I am honored to support DNRS participants, meeting them where they’re at, every step of the way. It is truly a joy to be working as a DNRS coach.

When I am not coaching, I love spending time with my family and dog at the beach or in my bountiful garden at home. Being in Australia allows me to work with clients in many time zones including Europe, Asia Pacific, USA and Canada.

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