Posted on November 10, 2023

Linda Green

After trying so many different treatments unsuccessfully, I was skeptical that DNRS could help me but the science and all the testimonials were deeply convincing. After attending an in person seminar, I knew DNRS was the answer to the laundry list of all my health challenges. Despite the practice being challenging at times and my resistance strong, Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” carried me along.

Recovering from the health challenges of Limbic System Impairment and its overwhelming isolation can be daunting at first. My DNRS™ coach and the DNRS community helped fuel my recovery. It helped to have support, encouragement and motivation from others.

My coaching style is informed not only by my own journey, but by my previous career. As a retired park ranger, I loved helping people find their way. Being a coach and a ranger require flexibility, empathy, trust, curiosity and resilience. Recovery is discovery. Sometimes it takes someone else to see sticking points. As a DNRS™ coach, I now help people find their way through a different kind of wilderness.

When I’m not coaching, I love hiking, biking, swimming and yoga. An avid reader, I gobble up learning everything I can about neuroplasticity. As a quilter, I love the magic of putting colors and patterns together. I live near Zion National Park in Utah with my husband Shawn.

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