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The DNRS Global Community Forum

You don’t have to do it alone! The DNRS Global Community Forum is a place to connect with others from around the world who are implementing the program. Once you purchase the online instructional program, you will have free access to the Basic level subscription resources on the forum. With over 11,000 members and 10 years of archived information, the DNRS Global Community Forum has a wealth of information and tips from real people like you. You will discover an extensive library of inspiring stories of hope, healing, and success. Many forum members have formed lifelong friendships with the people they meet on the forum.

What members are saying about the forum:

"I am always so grateful for being able to tap into the profound wisdom of this community!"
- Lauren
“My practice has shifted from something I have to do, to something I want to do."
- Tanya

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Elevating your emotional state on a daily basis (Pillar Five of the DNRS program) can be challenging when your brain has been stuck in a “fight, flight, or freeze” response. DNRS Share-a-Laugh classes are a unique, fun, science-based way to help regulate your limbic system function. Participating in Share-a-Laugh classes also assists in strengthening your immune system and shifting your nervous system into a “rest and digest” state. Subscribe to our PREMIUM LEVEL of the DNRS Global Community Forum ($9.95 per month) to enjoy one live class per week.

DNRS Share-A-Laugh

DNRS Share-a-Laugh classes are inspired by a therapeutic system developed by a physician, based on medical research. We have tailored the classes specifically to support your recovery through DNRS. All Share-a- Laugh instructors have fully recovered from limbic system impairment and associated illnesses through DNRS. Share-a-Laugh classes are a comfortable place for all who are implementing DNRS, and can be done while sitting. They combine fun, laughter, and breathing exercises with small, optional movements.  

“The DNRS Share-a-Laugh classes are a total game-changer!”

Certified DNRS Share-a-Laugh Instructors


Certified DNRS Share-a-Laugh instructor

About Jana

Certified DNRS Share-a-Laugh instructor

About Michelle

Certified DNRS Share-a-Laugh instructor

About Paula

Certified DNRS Share-a-Laugh instructor

About Karen

Guided Visualizations

As part of the PREMIUM LEVEL subscription to the Global Community Forum you will have unlimited access to Guided Visualizations specifically designed with limbic system rehabilitation in mind. Listening to these audio tracks will support your DNRS practice and enhance your sense of calm, ease, and integration. Each visualization has a different theme, providing a gentle and powerful way to help you reach a relaxed, focused state that fosters a sense of well-being. These guided visualizations are not a replacement for the daily DNRS retraining steps, but they give you another tool in your toolbox!

You’ll enjoy:

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