Physician Recommendations

Why over 400 doctors refer their patients to the DNRS program

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac

“I’ve been treating patients with complex, chronic illness for over a decade. Addressing limbic system function is the missing key for many patients... I’ve witnessed…
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Dr. Mischa Grieder, N.D.

“I am a naturopathic doctor treating chronic complex disease, specifically Lyme disease, mold, and hypersensitivities for over ten years. Over the last couple of years,…
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Dr. Sunjya Schweig

“At the California Center for Functional Medicine, we take a whole-person approach to recovery. Healing is most robust when the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects…
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Dr. Nicole Meier

"As a Naturopathic Doctor treating Lyme and other environmentally acquired illnesses, I came across DNRS a few years ago. There is a portion of this…
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Dr. Cynthia Li

The DNRS program teaches us how to access our “rest and digest” physiology— the parasympathetic nervous system— which promotes vitality and diminishes chronic inflammation. This…
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