Posted on June 3, 2021

A Celebration of Hope and Help

Mary has been using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from fibromyalgia and depression.

It was October of 2017 that Mary was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Then, in March of 2018, Mary experienced a sudden and severe psychological trauma that added to limbic system impairment and pain. Describing her efforts to alleviate the chronic and intense pain, Mary remembers, “I saw a rheumatologist and my general practitioner. Then, in August 2018, I also started seeing an oncologist when I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. I told her, ‘If I could get rid of my fibromyalgia, my life would be much better. That is what really interferes with my quality of life.’ She informed me that the chemotherapy I was about to undergo often helped with autoimmune issues. After each infusion, my fibromyalgia would get better and then start ramping up again before the next treatment. After the last treatment, when it started to ramp up, there was nothing to stop it. That was when I experienced the worst pain, often a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.”

In hopes of finding an answer, Mary attended a lecture called “Could It Be Lyme?” in which the doctor and presenter introduced his wife who had been in a series of car accidents that started to bring her previously resolved Lyme symptoms back on. “She discovered DNRS and told him, ‘If everyone did this, you wouldn’t have a practice left.’ When I talked with him afterwards, he recommended that I check it out. I did, and when I read the information on the website, I signed up immediately and haven’t looked back.”

After beginning to implement DNRS, Mary began to notice relief immediately. And while DNRS is not a treatment for cancer, she says that even her outlook on that has shifted. “The practice of rewiring my brain over many months had the added benefit of keeping my symptoms under control and keeping a positive mindset, especially in the face of cancer. I was right in what I told my oncologist. I now have a wonderful quality of life.”

With dedication and perseverance, Mary is excited to share that she has recovered from the conditions that brought her to DNRS. In celebration, she shared the following message on our Global Community Forum:

I am so grateful for Annie Hopper and DNRS. I woke up on March 3rd COMPLETELY RECOVERED! I have not had any fibromyalgia symptoms since then.

 Prior to this point, I had been feeling stuck for quite a while. The depression did come and go during my recovery process when I would receive difficult news from a cancer scan. My practice is what had me bounce back quickly. Envisioning pleasant past experiences and future visions brought me back into equilibrium. Throughout the whole process, my coach was critical to my ongoing belief in the program and some very specific guidance on how to improve my practice. I can’t recommend coaching more highly. The coaches are so well trained. I came away from every coaching session feeling better and with specific techniques to put into practice. 



Thank you Annie and my coach and all of the wonderful DNRS community. Keep the faith and don’t stop!


What is Mary’s message for those who are still suffering? “Make the commitment to do DNRS. Not only will the practice rewire your brain, you can connect to the most wonderful, positive, uplifting community ever. Take advantage of the coaching, Living DNRS groups and whatever else is being offered to support your journey. The coaching is especially important. It is there that you get help that is tailored to you and your issues, however they change over time. The coaches are incredibly well trained and knowledgeable. Most importantly, don’t give up hope!”

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