Posted on August 23, 2019

Finding the Answer

Erin has been using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from Food Sensitivities, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Pain, ​ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder​, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic/Latent Infections, Environmental Allergies, and more.

Erin remembers noticing symptoms associated with limbic system impairment in childhood. “I feel that I’ve been primed for limbic system impairment since a very young age, with several different ‘perfect storms’ throughout my life. I had some sensitivities and motion sickness as a baby, developed migraines at age 8, and became very sick at age 19, when I was initially diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, but kept accumulating more symptoms and diagnoses as time went on.” Prior to finding the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), Erin had tried many treatments and visited many doctors and specialists to try to find an answer to her list of symptoms. “I’ve been privileged enough to be able to visit some of the best healers in the Chicago area, and although most of these doctors caused a slight improvement in my symptoms, none of them were able to truly resolve the root of my illnesses. I’ve visited three neurologists, two Lyme Disease and mold literate doctors, two Endometriosis specialists, two OBGYNs (Obstetrics and Gynecology), an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist (ENT), an allergist, a dentist/jaw specialist, a dizziness and hearing doctor, a naturopath, a dietician, a biofeedback specialist, a neurofeedback clinic, a chronic pain therapist, multiple psychologists and psychiatrists, and multiple bodywork specialists, including acupuncturists, masseuses, physical therapists, yoga/meditation instructors, a craniosacral therapist, and an integrative manual therapist.”

Erin began DNRS after her doctor recommended the program. “I originally heard about DNRS from a mold illness group online, but I completely wrote off the program at that time, assuming it was too good to be true. A few years later, the second Lyme/mold doctor I visited recommended the program. She correctly recognized that my problem was limbic and convinced me to try DNRS, and I’m happy to say that she will be the last specialist I visit!”

When describing her progress so far, Erin writes:

I am about 6 months into DNRS practice and I’m already experiencing so many successes. I am so amazed at how far I’ve come, and so incredibly proud of myself. 

• I can eat just about anything I want! I can eat fruit, starches, refined flours, processed foods, and even sugar! I can order off of menus now and I feel so much more comfortable going to restaurants. I also ate s’mores a few days ago – I had 4 vegan marshmallows!

• I can go to so many more places! I’m currently now able to enter older buildings and spend a few minutes inside!

• My digestion has improved, and I no longer need to take probiotics! 

• I have stopped taking about half of my supplements! 

• I have very little smell sensitivity now! I can be around perfume, scented products, campfire smoke, etc. I actually find myself enjoying some scented products, like sunscreen at the beach or shampoo. That is an amazing step for me, and is bringing back all sorts of pleasant memories associated with these scents.

• I am also a lot less sensitive to loud noises – often I can leave the window open when fire trucks go by my apartment.

• I feel so much more happy, joyful, playful, and confident! I have been finding myself laughing at things that happen in every day life!

• I have drastically reduced my exposure to negativity! I barely use social media, I avoid the news, and I steer all conversations towards happier topics. It feels great being in a happy DNRS bubble while I retrain my brain! 

• I’ve helped my partner be happier, too! He’s learning a lot from watching me participate in DNRS. 

• I have been learning lots of new things and enjoying being childlike and playful. My partner and I have been learning how to dance, and we’ve been doing fun spontaneous activities like playing frisbee or hopscotch outside in the park! 

• I am connecting more with others, and looking forward to making new friends!

I am really excited to see where the next six months take me!

Here’s a picture of me chowing down on a vegan burger on my 23rd birthday last month – can you tell how happy I am?

To someone who is still suffering, Erin’s message is, “You owe it to yourself to try this program if you are sick with any of the symptoms listed on the DNRS website. I’m sure many of you are skeptical, and I was too – with all my experience with doctors and my educational background in psychology and medical research, I thought there was no way that the answer to my years of illness could be so simple. And yet, it is! The answer had been there all along – while these symptoms and illnesses are all real, the root of the problem is in our brains, not our bodies. Self-directed neuroplasticity is a completely revolutionary way to heal yourself, and I believe that if you can commit to the program, DNRS will be the last treatment you’ll ever need.”

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