Posted on December 8, 2023

“I Threw My EpiPen Away!”


Kate enthusiastically shared the details of her recovery journey on our Global Community Forum recently. She suffered from severe food allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and more. During an eleven-day anaphylactic shock episode, her new functional medicine doctor suggested she try DNRS. Read her story in her own words below. 

*Note: Kate’s testimonial is reprinted here with her permission and has been lightly edited for clarity and length. This information should not be used or relied on to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. The information is intended for educational purposes only. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by licensed medical physicians. Please consult your doctor or health practitioner for any medical advice.

Kate’s “Aha” Moment About Her Allergies

I threw my EpiPen away; it expired and I hadn’t needed it in more than two years.

I didn’t know anything about DNRS until a new functional medicine doctor at the practice said it was the only thing that was going to save my life. 

You see, at that point I’d been in anaphylactic shock for eleven days and nothing doctors could do was getting me out of it. I hadn’t eaten anything and it would be fifteen days in total before I could take a bite of food and even drink water. That fifteen day mark was when I began the DNRS video program. I sat down with my two kids and husband and started watching Annie explain my entire life to me and that what I had was Limbic System Impairment (LSI). This was my “Aha” moment.

My Limbic System Impairment really got started when I was fifteen and we lived in a mold infested house. When I started DNRS I was 38 years old and no one had ever mentioned LSI to me in all those years. I had seen 20+ doctors I’d and tried all their protocols, but just kept getting sicker and sicker. 

And here Annie was making the most sense and connecting all the dots. She said, “Just devote six months to the program and see how it goes.” I was full in from the start and filled with the biggest hope and belief that this was the answer and none of it was my fault.

Kate's Aha Moment

The First Test of DNRS

The next morning I decided I was going to eat something and use the tools I learned the night before in the DNRS program.

Lo and behold, I could do it without any medical interference. I took a few bites and called it good enough because I had been fifteen days without food. I didn’t want to overdo it with my stomach being so small.

I spent the next two weeks building up my appetite and getting two solid meals daily that I could live sustainably off of and turned my focus to all the other areas first. Because yes, I was able to get two meals back in, but those were my meals that I had lived off of for three years. I knew that I needed to calm my system down before going after all foods, so I stuck with those seven items that formed two meals.

I made a lot of gains because I was at rock bottom. I couldn’t lose a lot more positive things because they weren’t there. The only things I could lose at that point were my symptoms.

Kate’s Recovery Trajectory

My purpose in coming back here and sharing that I’m healed is to leave a “what worked for me” guide for those of you in the midst of training. It’s what I hoped to find on the forum along my journey.

The Global Community Forum was my source for truth. I just kept finding food sensitivities mentioned. My reaction to food was more severe than that. I needed to convince myself that there were people who had more than just sensitivity to food as well and that had healed. I found a couple of blog posts and threads that by reading between the lines I convinced myself they were like me and healed.

It took a few months to really start to believe that I could heal my food allergies and disregard other’s input about what I could do with this program. 

In the beginning, I knew that as a mom, a homeschooling one at that, I would need longer than the six months time frame to heal. It wasn’t a limiting belief, I just knew that I had to carry my kids as well and that I wouldn’t be able to devote every waking hour to myself. Eventually, they understood not to interrupt my rounds.

My advice is: follow the program and believe in the program. Thousands of people are on this journey with you rewiring their brains. 

Kate's recovery from severe allergies

“Now I have total food and life freedom!.. No longer do these health issues have any part of my identity. I am a whole new person!” – Kate

Kate Waves Goodbye to Her Symptoms

It’s completely true what they say that you forget where you came from and what you were. The long list of symptoms I used to suffer from has escaped me now that I’ve come so far. I remember it like a vague dream, and not like I can step right in and vividly remember everything and be exactly in that moment again. That’s a big win!

I found eventually I could go on the Global Community Forum and truly enjoy it. Particularly the group gratitude list. Are you participating in that list and catching other’s wins and joys?

I started DNRS April 4, 2020. What a godsend it was too! Just as the world was shutting down, mine began to open up. Without Covid coursing through the world, I may not have ever had my trigger event and been introduced to DNRS. I will always be grateful for the world turning upside down. Since then I’ve had the best life possible.

I’ve never been so strong and calm and capable and able to do anything. Today while on my period I swam and played with my kids at the pool, played tennis for an hour in 97F degree heat in the sun, and walked two miles to end my day. That’s a regular day for me now. 

I’ve been eating dairy and gluten and nuts and eggs and literally anything I want without any issues. I hadn’t been able to eat freely since I was fifteen. Really ever. And as I mentioned earlier, I was down to two meals (a smoothie and chicken and rice) for years. Every time I had a big stress event, another food was lost. After my trigger event everything I ate or smelled triggered anaphylactic shock. But now I have total food and life freedom!

Fuelled by the DNRS Community

Build a community on the Global Community Forum. Take their wins as your own. Building a community helps you dream bigger. Reach bigger. Expand your hopes and dreams.

Martin with his amazing bike races and endurance was my inspiration to gain my strength and energy. He could do it, I could too.

Bettina made great strides on a trip in Germany. Her wins convinced me that I could travel someday. I did – I went to Florida for a month at my year anniversary and hung out on the beach with my family living out my rounds. I highly recommend taking a calm vacation if you can.

Kristin gained back her capacity to eat all foods so quickly and was running races and lifting weights. If she could do all that, so could I.

Paul is dancing and seeing his life as beautiful! I want to dance too!

We don’t realize how small our worlds became and how big that they can be! Shore up your brain and heart with other’s wins so that when your brain’s limbic system says “no” you can say “yes!” and cite examples. I always needed examples to win the argument.

Kate’s List of Former Symptoms

I list my former symptoms below in case there is someone searching to see if their similar symptoms were helped by doing DNRS. 

Vivid nightmares: gone. It took months, but they are gone.

POTS: gone. No constant syncope. No racing heartbeat.

Temperature dysregulation: gone. Heat intolerance, gone — I don’t love triple digits but now they just make me sweat, not hurt. I still get cold easily, but I am able to warm up again without great lengths taken.

EMF sensitivity: gone. They used to cause me chest pressure that would lead to me collapsing. Cell phones sent shocks through my arms. Not anymore. Now cell towers are simply wonderful pieces of technology that connect me to the world and help me navigate life.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: gone. During summer 2020, a quarter of my town decided to paint their house’s exterior and that made my daily walks interesting. I had to do my DNRS practices while walking daily. I remember the first time I walked by an active paint project and nothing was triggered. That was a joyous win!

Food allergies/Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: gone. Total food freedom!

Hormone issues: gone. I was told I needed a hysterectomy. No debilitating cramps, no huge clots, not bed ridden for five days minimum, everything is regulated. It’s a non-issue now. 

Skin outbreaks: gone. Weeks of constipation: gone. Diarrhea: gone. Exhaustion: gone.

Chronic fatigue: gone. I am filled with energy! I live a very active life and don’t need to recover from it. Previously I needed an hour and a half to get out of bed. And unable to continue upright after 4pm.

Brain fog: gone.

Ringing in ears: gone.

Chronic pain: gone. Nerve pain from a surgery 12 years ago gone. Three tendon injuries that wouldn’t heal are healed. Back pain gone.

Migraines: gone.

Light sensitivity: gone. I live in Big Sky Country and don’t wear sunglasses unless I want to. Previously I needed big hats and wrap-around sunnies, and even then struggled.

Noise sensitivity: gone.

Crowds don’t over stimulate me.

Smells don’t trigger me – I think perfume smells good! My nose hasn’t turned off and I didn’t want it to but I am not triggered by smells.

We remodeled our house this year and nothing triggered me. I could never imagine doing that previously from environmental ITS.

Constant alertness and hyper-vigilance, gone.

I sleep through the night without interruptions. Previously I wouldn’t have believed that possible.

PTSD, healed.

Bladder always needing to be emptied: completely regulated.

Heartburn: healed.

Hunger is back online and operating as it should.

Adrenaline surges: gone.

Anxiety: gone.

And I’m sure there’s more I’ve forgotten!

Kate is a Whole New Person

Here’s the thing with this list – I could remember off hand only about five of these issues. These old “friends” haven’t been part of my life for long enough that I had to be reminded they once existed as the major part of my life. They once defined me. No longer do these health issues have any part of my identity. I am a whole new person!

For those wondering about the timeline with food. I knew that my body was calm and able to receive the food for six months before my brain/limbic chatter was calm enough to reintroduce food. It was all in for me. Once I knew I was ready, I was all in: I had dairy and gluten for the first time in over 12 years. That was it, everything was back in. I had zero push back. Zero symptoms besides bloating from beans for the first week eating them. That quickly sorted itself out. 

I was worried that cheese would take hold of me as it once did. Same with chocolate. That they would become something that ruled me rather than just a food. Turns out I don’t like chocolate anymore. This shocked me. And I can eat cheese without any cravings for more. I don’t have the cravings that I feared bringing back food would reestablish. 

I don’t have to fight with food. Food is wonderful and good and nourishing.

Eat the food! Enjoy it! It’s a beautiful blessing.

Kate - quote

If you are a current member of DNRS, you can read Kate’s first Global Community Forum entry about her recovery, which she wrote prior to this update. The quote above is from that entry, which can be viewed at this link

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