Posted on December 2, 2020

Johanna’s Symptoms Lingered After Covid-19

Those who suffer with Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome are completely frustrated with the lack of advice, treatment, or understanding about their “long-hauler” health challenges. The media’s focus has largely been on extreme respiratory issues, giving the false impression that if you were not hospitalized with the virus or suffering with coughing and shortness of breath, you should be fine. We now understand that many people who initially had a mild to moderate case of COVID-19 are suffering— often months after testing negative— with debilitating, long-term symptoms.  

Johanna was no stranger to experiencing health challenges that medical providers could not explain. Despite seeing the best specialists, for years she suffered from multiple chemical sensitivities, a chronic sinus and eye infection, and chronic pain. Four years ago, her situation changed dramatically when she learned more about the relationship between brain trauma, the limbic system, and chronic illnesses after working successfully with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System program (DNRS). She fully recovered from all of her previously unexplained health conditions.

Unfortunately, in March of 2020, Johanna contracted COVID-19.  At that stage of the pandemic, only “high-risk” groups were tested, yet Johanna had a version of the disease hallmarked by all the symptoms the media publicized: shortness of breath, fever, fatigue, cough, and headaches. As it is for many “long-haulers” who suffer chronic symptoms after “clearing” the virus, it became a long and confusing struggle for Johanna. Three months and three antibiotics after the “acute” phase of the illness, she still had an infection in her lungs (pneumonia) and developed severe reflux and digestive issues. Johanna wondered if once again her brain was stuck on the hamster-wheel of limbic system overdrive, and whether the never-ending “fight, flight, or freeze” response was once again causing havoc in her body. After all kinds of tests, and several medications that didn’t work, Johanna started implementing DNRS again.

Johanna has seen a huge improvement already, within a month of intensively applying all of the elements of the DNRS program. Although she has more work to do, she feels confident that DNRS will once again help her regain full health.

In this short amount of time, her digestive problems and reflux issues have improved dramatically! 

Johanna also bought our supplemental video, “A Deeper Dive into DNRS,” and found it a helpful re-immersion into the principles of the program. She is also participating in the “LIVING DNRS” 12-week group support calls, and receiving individual coaching with a Certified DNRS Coach. This helps her stay motivated and on track with implementing the program.

If you are one of the “long-haulers” suffering from Post COVID-19 Syndrome, it’s time to explore DNRS in consultation with your health care provider to see if the program is the right fit for you. The DNRS program can be implemented alongside any pharmaceutical or medical treatment you may be taking for Post COVID-19 symptoms. DNRS will help you move your brain and body from a state of over-drive and survival into a state of growth and repair, where healing can take place. 

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Yours in Good Health,

Annie Hopper and the DNRS Team

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