Posted on February 28, 2019

Letting the Light In

Falguni has been using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, Food Sensitivities and Allergies, ​Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder​, Anxiety, Lyme Disease, Chronic/Latent Infections, Environmental Allergies, Mast Cell Activation, and more.

Falguni had been experiencing symptoms associated with limbic system impairment for as long as she can remember.  She recalls always being unwell as a young child, saying, “I didn’t know what life was like living without these symptoms.” Prior to finding The Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), she had visited numerous doctors and specialists, including an immunologist, cardiologist, neurologist, family physician, ENT, and a wellness physician to try to find an answer to her list of symptoms. “I had seen them all.”

She found out about DNRS after her wellness physician had recommended she take the program, and eventually suggested she go to an in-person seminar.

Falguni shared this inspiring update on our Community Forum: 

February 13th will always be a day I remember for the rest of my days on this beautiful earth. It is the day that I received the most wonderful news that I am fully recovered. I realize in that moment, that all the work, focus, and effort I put in for the last year, has paid off, I am healed. This is a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom.

When I started DNRS in February 2018, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it for 6 months, let alone almost a year. I took the practice minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day until I was in a rhythm.

At my 3 month follow up appointment with my practitioner, it was apparent I was healing…as I showed up with a huge smile of hope on my face and without my usual precision filters for my eyes, a hat, and other paraphernalia to protect me from the environment. He was determined to get me to recovery and suggested I go to an in-person seminar to “accelerate” my healing. So, with that, I signed up for the Victoria, BC seminar in July. This ignited my recovery in ways I cannot express. I took this learning home with me and implemented the program with FIERCE FOCUS.

All of this to RECOVER from an odd slew of chronic conditions I had acquired through my lifetime:

• Secondary Mast Cell Activation Disorder as a result of chronic Lyme disease and co-infections
• Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
• Heavy metal toxicity
• Food sensitivities/allergies (down to 6 foods to now full food freedom)
• Gastrointestinal Dysbiosis
• Environmental Toxins
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (going from laying on a recliner most of the day to doing high intensity workouts)
• Severe light sensitivity
• Migraines (Typical and atypical)
• Sound sensitivities
• Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
• Anxiety
• Dermatographia
• Body temperature sensitivity
• High blood pressure
• Tachycardia
• Heart Arrhythmias
• Chronic Laryngitis
• Chronic Stress
• Chronic body, muscle and joint pain
• Chronic dry skin
• Allergies
• Loss of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Edema
• I even recovered the degradation of my eyesight post Lasik surgery in 2006 going from 20/45 back to 20/15 in both eyes (something I wasn’t working on, and shifted)
• Cataracts (these diminished)
• Lost the ability of my right hand to use a mouse and write (I regained it with DNRS)
• And many, many more items of lesser impact

I have gone from forcing my family to live in the dark to transforming my life so we can let the light in and shine brightly on our lives. It is now my job to turn on the lights and let the brightness in. We live like a normal family, eating anything, going anywhere, and doing anything. This was a truly transformative experience. If I didn’t experience the “switch” I would not have believed it is possible. I am now living like a normal person, with no limbic system impairment or chatter. It is the most beautiful has been so long since I have had clear thoughts…almost feels new. Today is the day I realized that I harness a super power, the power to choose and the power to heal.

I am forever grateful to Annie Hopper, her team of brilliant staff, and of course, Michelle Bubnis (coach and seminar instructor) who is my biggest cheerleader. She is a gem and I will always hold her deep in my heart for the beautiful, unwavering support and guidance she provided to me.

And when someone asks me, “Now what?” I say, I start to live my life with pure freedom of choice and live by my highest values. The beauty of this program is it allows you to rewire your brain, transform your health and reclaim your life. Reclaiming my life means that I can choose the path that serves me well. Stay tuned for the next chapter of greatness called my life.

To someone who is still suffering, Falguni’s message is, “I was told there is nothing that can cure my situation. I would not accept that and I searched for answers. This is truly a miraculous program to address mysterious chronic illnesses and can help you recover your life. It takes a bit of commitment and focus to harness your internal healing power, along with the beautiful DNRS tools which makes for a bountiful life.  Keep going, take that step to harness your innate power and start your healing today. I am proof that it works.”

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