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Full year of streaming access to the Dynamic Neural Retraining System online instructional video program (12 hours of on-demand learning)

The online student manual is seamlessly embedded alongside the videos for easy access. To display the online manual in another language, please ensure your web browser’s Translation feature is set to your preferred language.

DNRS 2.0 includes a program legend and supplementary text material in English on the website’s pages throughout the course.

For foreign languages, these webpages are automatically translated by most web browsers based on clients’ preferred language settings.

If your browser does not automatically translate pages to your preferred language, you can easily configure this in your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge settings.

The course videos are subtitled in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. The translations are powered by DeepL AI machine-driven translation services.

Free access to the basic level subscription resources on the Global Community Forum. With over 14,000 members and over 10 years of archived information. Translation features are available based on clients’ preferred languages set by the web browser.

$40 coupon toward your first registration on a LIVING DNRS 12-week support group. (Available in English only)

First-time coaching clients save $50 on an initial ‘Support Your Success’ package. (Available in English only).

Optional access to Success Surveys to follow and celebrate your personal recovery.

Extend your access to the DNRS online instructional video program. Renew and cancel at any time.

After six months of daily neuroplasticty training with the DNRS program, if you have received no value, we will issue a full refund (less 15% return fee and shipping and handling, where applicable.) Please note, the product return must be initiated within one year (365 days) of the original purchase date.

Included with your purchase of the Online Instructional Video Program:

Once added to your cart, a number of additional resources
will be available for purchase.

Printed Student Manual

Optional printed copy of the student manual.

Printed Video Transcript

Optional, word-for-word printed, bound transcript of the video segments containing the foundation, instruction, and practice of the DNRS program.

Wired for Healing Book

Annie Hopper’s book, “Wired for Healing,” relates the science and creation of the DNRS program, and details Hopper’s own inspiring, successful recovery.

Ongoing Support Services are available to clients who have purchased the instructional video series.

Global Community Forum

Included with your purchase of the DNRS instructional video program is a lifetime basic membership to the Global Community Forum, a moderated online resource for all DNRS participants.

The basic membership is an extensive resource filled with invaluable information applicable to implementing the DNRS program. Here you will receive inspiration, motivation and peer support from fellow DNRS participants.

Upgrade to the premium level to access Share-a-Laugh classes and a library of guided visualizations.

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LIVING DNRS 12 Week Group Support

If you would benefit from group connection, additional guidance and accountability, why not consider joining other participants in a 12-week LIVING DNRS group. This online program is led by Certified LIVING DNRS Facilitators via Zoom.

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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching with a Certified DNRS Coach is available for purchase to provide personalized guidance as you implement the program. During these phone sessions, your coach will offer encouragement, clarification, and customized input for your best success. Individual coaching is not therapy or crisis counseling and it is not a replacement for medical advice.

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