Coming “Back to Life” – Marie’s Journey to Health with Brain Retraining


Marie, a mother of two young children, had Chronic Pain, Food Sensitivities, ​Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome​, Anxiety, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Adrenal Fatigue and more.

After a year of suffering this debilitating onslaught of mental, physical, and emotional symptoms, Marie began the Dynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS) upon the recommendation of her naturopathic doctor. This doctor recognized right away that Marie’s symptoms “were driven by a dysregulated nervous system.”

Marie is elated to share that her symptoms “are now a just memory of the darkest year of my life.”

Retraining the brain’s limbic system with the DNRS program is what Marie now knows “truly brings people back to life.”

Marie feels that “being able to consciously help others going through similar issues and telling anyone and everyone about DNRS is one of my favorite ways to pay it forward.”

So, here in her own words (with slight edits for clarity) is Marie’s recovery story that she wrote to thank the DNRS community.


Marie's social post about being able to drink coffee once again


Inexplicable Symptoms

Wow, what an amazing journey it’s been, 11 months of DNRS and the transformation to not only the person I was before all of the symptoms took my life away, but feeling BETTER than I ever have!

My journey started shortly after moving to San Diego from Northern California and what felt like overnight, I was struck with symptoms that would leave me completely debilitated. Mental, emotional, and physical symptoms suddenly overtook my mind and body and I was barely able to care for my 2 young boys 3 and 6 years old. No more driving, no more fun, no more grocery shopping, no more normal life, just symptoms all day every day that no one could explain. 

Doctors appointments, supplements and herbs I could no longer tolerate…My story goes like so many of ours, multiple food sensitivities, POTS, Lyme, mold, EMF sensitivity, the list goes on and on of physical and mental symptoms that were brand new to me that are now a just memory of the darkest year of my life.


Marie's quote about having a dysregulated nervous system


An Unexpected Solution

Upon being recommended DNRS by my naturopathic doctor who knew almost right away that my symptoms were driven by a dysregulated nervous system, I waited a few weeks because I just didn’t want to commit to MORE money to another intervention if I didn’t think it would help…but at my worst, having cried almost daily for the past 6 months, it was time to give it a shot.

To keep things brief, I’ll just say the moment I heard Annie’s voice and her explaining a limbic system impairment, I KNEW THIS WAS IIIT! THIS! This was my problem and someone finally told me the why’s and how’s of recovery and how I had gotten to this state.


Marie quote - healing is possible with DNRS


Profound Progress

Within 1 week, I was driving after not having driven for 4 months! I had suffered from severe symptoms that prevented me from feeling comfortable driving, which as a parent was very tough as I’m sure so many can relate to!

Within 1 month, I was back to eating a wider variety of foods that I had avoided for so long due to exacerbation of symptoms. Just knowing that the problem was indeed a brain impairment really helped me feel confident to try foods one at a time and if I reacted, I just knew it was limbic and that in itself was such a comfort to me that I wanted to eat them anyway! A true rebel =)

Healing, of course, has its ebbs and flows — good days and not so great days. But, I can now say, 11 months later, I am able to travel, drive, eat anything and everything (that has unfortunately expanded my waistline. Oopsies…) exercise, shop! cook, entertain, clean (unfortunately), and living the life I love that I needed to make up for all of the lost time! I can play with my children, live life as if nothing had ever happened to me at all! It feels like I had a horrible nightmare that I am thankfully awakened from.


Marie quote - DNRS brings people back to life


Wisdom Learned, Life Transformed

My silver lining is that the debilitating symptoms taught me the importance of listening to our bodies, (really listening), caring for our brains as we would any other part of our bodies. Now, being able to consciously help others going through similar issues and telling anyone and everyone about DNRS is one of my favorite ways to pay it forward. 

DNRS is a tool that is truly miraculous and life changing. It just isn’t talked about nearly enough, how vital and essential it is to repair an overactive limbic system to heal the body.

Words cannot express my thanks and appreciation to Annie and the DNRS program, it truly brings people back to life, to have hope and see the light again when we felt like there was none. Trapped in our minds and bodies that felt broken. Thank you for saving my life <3

To those on your healing journey, keep going! Healing is possible: retrain your brain and heal your body. Thank you Annie from the bottom of my heart <3

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