Gaining a Superpower: How Long-Hauler Micael Did More Than Heal


Ever met an unstoppable force? Micael was just that. Her life was filled to the brim: marathons, work, theater. She lived every moment to the fullest. But March 2020 brought a cruel twist, throwing her into a battle with the earliest onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fear of the unknown combined with debilitating symptoms left Micael immobilized and isolated for months, her life as she knew it crumbling away.

Happily, Micael discovered the Dynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS), which ultimately helped her become healthier and more joyful than she ever remembers being.

She is eager to share her recovery story so that others who suffer from chronic illnesses such as long-Covid, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, multiple chemical sensitivity and more can know that there is a truly effective solution to their pain. As she puts it, “Doing DNRS when the time is right is a really powerful and important thing that you can trust.”

Watch her testimonial video below or read on to understand how DNRS illuminated Micael’s road to recovery.



Fibromyalgia & Long-Covid: A Life Turned Upside Down

Micael’s pre-existing conditions, including fibromyalgia and a long-standing unhealthy relationship with food, all seemed to flare up as she fought off COVID-19. She was infected during an early wave of the pandemic and, as she explains, “missed work for six weeks and could barely get out of bed.” Six months later she still felt the same way she had within the first weeks of getting sick: wracked with chest congestion, severe fatigue, anxiety, depression, stomach pain, and food sensitivity.

The pervasive uncertainty and dwindling hope felt by many at the time resonated deeply with Micael as her doctors had no definite answers, heightening her fear of the symptoms and their potential to get worse. 

Amidst all this, Micael faced the emotional burden of her friends and family’s frustration and pity. The severity of her condition disrupted her relationships and left her feeling helpless and desperate for a solution. Over the years, she had spent thousands of dollars on a myriad of treatments in a bid to improve her health but to no avail.


DNRS Delivers Hope, Joy, and the Superpower of Resilience

One day, when she was almost ready to accept this daunting new reality, she stumbled upon an article about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS). Intrigued, she bought the program the very next day. 

She threw herself into doing the DNRS program, praying for a miracle. For the first time in a long time, Micael felt a spark of joy, a feeling that was almost alien at the time. As she puts it, “I dove in headfirst and I felt hope, and I cried through the videos and I just felt — and still do — just joyful.”

Two months into the program, the first sign of healing emerged as her digestion started to improve. As the months passed, her sleep improved, and the unbearable long-Covid symptoms began to dissipate. With these positive changes, she slowly started reclaiming her life, beginning her healing journey with food and discovering newfound joy. 


Micael joy quote


Micael’s experience with DNRS was not a linear journey — it was filled with ups and downs as her brain rewired and consolidated the changes she was making.  But, as she continued with the program, her energy returned, she started sleeping better, and her relationships started to heal. She even got married, traveled, and ate whatever she wanted without fear. 

While Micael’s physical health being restored is a priceless outcome, she explains that the an unexpected effect of brain retraining goes much deeper:

“What’s changed about my life that is the most profound is very invisible… it’s my relationship with myself… there’s nothing that the world has that I can’t handle.”

She learned that life is not just about rainbows and unicorns, but about embracing the whole package. The challenging aspects of life became manageable with the “superpower” tools she had gained from DNRS.

As Micael now puts it, “COVID is still a thing and hard things happen. And when they happen, I have this thing now that is like a superpower.”


An Advocate for Hope

Interestingly, she sees DNRS as a program you graduate from, not one that you need to use forever. But the beauty of it is that the tools are always available if you need them, like when she contracted COVID-19 again and returned to brain retraining to keep her limbic system and stress response in check. 

Despite her journey being full of hurdles, Micael now sees her experience as a blessing, a “superpower” that has helped her cultivate resilience, foster an intimate relationship with herself, and build a whole life. Her story is a testament that life, with all its ups and downs, can still be embraced with joy and gratitude.


Micael hope quote


Micael wants to share her story to give hope to those still grappling with long-Covid or any other chronic illnesses. She’s proof that the human spirit can adapt and heal, even in the direst of circumstances. 

She encourages everyone facing similar struggles to hold onto hope and explore the possibilities of DNRS. Micael insists that “doing DNRS when the time is right is a really powerful and important thing that you can trust.”

Her story is a reminder that healing is possible, that you can graduate from the shackles of a chronic condition, and take control of your life. 

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