Kristi’s Recovery: Rediscovering Joy, Freedom, and Favorite FOODS!


In this blog, we follow Kristi’s inspiring journey as she navigates her way to recovery and regains control of her life. Throughout months of hard work and dedication to the DNRS program, Kristi shared her experiences and milestones on our Global Community Forum. We’d like to celebrate her progress and newfound freedom by summarizing her journey below.

DNRS helped Kristi recovered from…

  • Chronic Post-COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chronic Pain
  • Food Sensitivities
  • ​Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder​
  • Depression and Anxiety

Sleep, Peace, & COFFEE

Two months and two weeks into her recovery journey, Kristi shared her excitement about an amazing shift she experienced, saying, “Yesterday I had an amazing shift where I felt peace and just quiet and couldn’t quit smiling. I slept soooo good last night.” 

As Kristi’s progress continued, she began to enjoy various aspects of life she hadn’t experienced in years. This progress included simple activities that so many people take for granted, such as watching TV without any discomfort. Even gaining weight was a small victory, as Kristi stated, “I have gained 5 pounds and kept it on.”

By the time Kristi reached three months into her recovery, she had achieved remarkable progress. She shared her excitement about her newfound food freedom, saying, “I have food FREEDOM, and it feels amazing! 🤩 I have added everything back to my diet, and today I checked ✔️ off the last thing – coffee ☕️ and it tasted so good! My body loved it 🥰.” 

Kristi’s confidence and gratitude continued to grow as she recognized her achievements, stating, “I know there is probably more that I’m forgetting; this is just the start of many more great months to come!!!! So thankful.”


Kristi food sensitivity recovery - coffee


Overcoming Challenges & Ebbs

As Kristi overcame challenges and continued to progress, she acknowledged the importance of celebrating even the smallest wins. She shared her wisdom, saying, “Something I learned about being in an ebb is that you really do have to train through it and concentrate on all the positives, even the smallest things, like hey, I got out of bed this morning!! I got dressed and did my hair and makeup!!!”

At four and a half months, Kristi reflected on both big and small progress she had made, like eating and drinking anything she wanted, watching whole movies on TV, sleeping in her bed every night, and starting to exercise again. She also noted that she had been feeling more creative, cooking dinner for her family every night, and understanding more about her recovery process.

Kristi also credits the online DNRS community with helping her through ebbs and focusing her on celebrating her progress along the way. She wrote, I am so thankful for DNRS and this community. It has helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I have so much hope and happiness again for the first time in a lonnngggg time!!!!! Only going up from here 😃.”

One day after posting her four and a half month update, Kristi shared a milestone she’d been looking forward to – running again. She wrote, “I was looking up at [a butterfly] not paying attention and without planning or thinking about it I just started jogging 🏃‍♀️ 😃 I shocked myself.. I started saying I’m jogging!! I’m jogging!!! I started crying happy tears. It has been a year since my perfect storm and since I have jogged or ran!!!”


Ebbs in recovery - Kristi's tip


The Ripple Effect of Recovery With DNRS

At six months, Kristi expressed that she felt like a different person and marveled at the transformation she underwent. She achieved numerous milestones, such as food freedom, running and exercising again, going to the grocery store, and reducing her supplement intake. 

She reflected on a comment she saw on the DNRS Global Community Forum when she first began the program, “I remember seeing someone say that they were not the same person they were when they started [DNRS] and I didn’t get it, but I do now.” 

Kristi continued on to say that she had originally hoped that the program would help her recover from physical symptoms, which it did. However, she was surprised that her mental and emotional state was also transformed by doing her DNRS practice. “It has shown me how to really really love myself… I feel like everything is just so much brighter. I feel lighter. I feel happy. I feel excited about life. I’m looking forward to my future. I’m dreaming again and it feels so good!”


Kristi feels like a new person


Kristi also highlighted the ripple effect her recovery has had on her family, with her son feeling less anxious, her husband feeling happier, and even her dog becoming more affectionate.

Kristi’s recovery journey is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength within us all. Through her determination and commitment to retraining her limbic system, she has rediscovered joy and health, inspiring countless others along the way.

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