Posted on November 8, 2023

Amplifying Your Recovery: 3 FAQ’s About DNRS Coaching Services

Whether you’re new to DNRS or have been practising for some time, recovering from limbic system impairment can be challenging and often feels isolating.  Sometimes it’s not easy to follow the program when your brain and nervous system are stuck in a “fight, flight or freeze” response. It can also be challenging to understand the program, or be consistent in applying all five pillars of the program when you are experiencing brain fog, or when you feel like you aren’t progressing at the rate that you want to.

That’s why it wasn’t long after launching DNRS in 2008 that we started providing Certified DNRS Coaching services. Our Certified Coaches have all recovered from complex and chronic health issues related to limbic system impairment (LSI) through the DNRS program. They are extensively trained in the DNRS method and know exactly how to tailor the program to your unique situation.


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If you think you could use an experienced co-pilot in navigating your journey to recovery with DNRS, then coaching is an invaluable resource.

To help you decide if this investment is right for you, below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our Certified DNRS Coaching service.


1. What training, expertise, and experience do the DNRS Certified Coaches have?

Our coaching team has a combined 65 years of experience as Certified DNRS Coaches.

All of our coaches have used the DNRS program to heal from a variety of limbic system related conditions. They understand first-hand what it is like to suffer with chronic illness. They know what it means to feel hopeless or isolated in the journey of illness and wonder if they will ever heal.

What makes our DNRS-trained coaches stand out is the level of training and ongoing professional development, supervision and support they receive. When you choose to work with a Certified DNRS Coach, you benefit from their training and expertise not only coming from Annie as the founder of the program, but also the whole DNRS coaching team and their combined years of experience. We work from a team model and our coaches support each other, are constantly sharing ideas, and learning together to improve what we offer to our DNRS clients.

Our Certified DNRS Coaches have become experts in applied neuroplasticity and are trained not only in the skill of coaching others, but in the many forms of limbic system impairment and how to apply the program in these unique circumstances. 


2. What are some of the common issues that come up for participants that Certified DNRS Coaches can help with specifically?

When you book a session with a Certified DNRS Coach, first of all, you will be greeted with so much compassion, and also validation for what you have been through, and hope for the journey forward.

Our Certified DNRS Coaches provide practical guidance to help clients implement the program effectively. Below are 3 of the common issues that our coaches help DNRS participants navigate through:

  • Scepticism – Often, participants come to DNRS after having tried so many other treatment modalities, are discouraged, and have lost hope. It is hard at first to believe that rewiring your brain through DNRS exercises can be effective for what you are dealing with.  Certified DNRS Coaches help you stay the course and integrate the motto of “practice not perfection” for making progress. As you make even small amounts of effort, your brain will change and over time you will see the benefit of your practice. The limbic system gets into very black and white, or all or nothing thinking. Coaches help participants challenge their “I need to do it perfectly or it’s not going to work” mentality.
  • Ups and Downs – Our Certified DNRS Coaches help you navigate through the normal ebb and flow of recovery. Since they have recovered from chronic illness themselves, our coaches are a compassionate resource that you can turn to if you have hit a plateau or you are experiencing challenges. They are also prepared to help you navigate how to continue to implement the DNRS tools during stressful life circumstances.
  • Integration – A Certified DNRS Coach can help you adapt the program to your personal needs and circumstances in life. They also help you understand how to integrate the DNRS pillars at different stages of your recovery. Furthermore, if you are using other modalities and resources in your recovery, our coaches can provide guidance for how to incorporate these as a compliment to your DNRS brain rewiring program.


3. Should I get a bit more training under my belt before booking a Certified DNRS Coach?

Booking a coach early on in your DNRS journey is ideal. It helps you gauge whether you have the correct understanding about how to practise the exercises and apply the 5 pillars in your everyday life.

Also, Certified DNRS Coaches can book up weeks in advance, therefore it is wise to make sure the coach of your choice is available sooner than later. Many of our clients book multiple future appointments at once to ensure they get the coach and timing of their choice.

You can review the bios of each Certified DNRS Coach to help you select someone who you think will be a good fit for your needs at the bottom of our coaching information page.

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