Individual Coaching

Private coaching sessions with a Certified DNRS Coach are available to support you during your healing journey.

  • Would you like personal guidance as you implement the DNRS Program?
  • Do you have questions about how to customize the program for your individual needs?
  • Would you benefit from regular connection, accountability, and encouragement from someone who has not only recovered from limbic system impairment, but is also trained and equipped to support you in effectively implementing all aspects of the DNRS Program?

Certified DNRS Coaches compassionately support and encourage you while offering tailored input, program clarification, and practical strategies to help you rewire your brain. Each one-on-one session with your DNRS Coach is focused on your individual needs and addressing questions that arise as you rewire your brain.

Every Certified DNRS Coach has recovered from symptoms of chronic illness using the DNRS Program and understands the process firsthand. They are extensively trained to work with all forms of limbic system impairment, regardless of how it is expressing for you. When you book a session with one of our Certified DNRS Coaches, you are booking with our entire team as they all regularly participate in on-going supervision and continuing education. Whether you are just getting started or have been implementing the program for some time, working with a personal coach on a regular basis can help you move forward in the best way possible.

When you book Individual Coaching Sessions, please know:

  • you are welcome to select the coach of your choice, pending availability
  • we recommend that you work with the same coach throughout your recovery journey
  • DNRS coach schedules fill up quickly, so advanced booking is suggested
  • DNRS Coaching sessions are not a replacement for medical advice, and are not therapy or crisis counselling
  • DNRS Coaching is only available to those who have purchased the DNRS Program

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We look forward to assisting you in your recovery journey as you learn how to Retrain Your Brain, Regain Your Health and Reclaim Your Life!

Please note that clients outside of North America must have a SKYPE account to conduct SKYPE AUDIO sessions with their coach, otherwise long distance charges will apply.

Coaching Options

If you are a first-time client, we ask that you begin with an initial 60 minute session (or 60 minute package).
For follow up sessions you may choose either 50 minute or 30 minute sessions.

Booking Your Initial Session

One Initial 60-minute Session

$ 155
00 USD
  • First time coaching clients save $15 on a 60-minute initial support session with a Certified DNRS™ Coach.
    $15 Savings
$15 Savings

Support Your Success

$ 369
00 USD
  • First time coaching clients save over $50 on an initial support package. The Support Your Success coaching package includes an initial 60-minute session plus two 50-minute follow up sessions.
$50 Savings

We hope you will join the thousands of others who retrained their brain, regained their health, and reclaimed their lives!

Coaching sessions are subject to availability. Booking your coaching sessions in advance can help ensure consistent and predictable access to support. All coaching is provided through phone calls or Skype audio. Video sessions are not available.

Booking Your Follow-Up Sessions

After completing an initial session or initial package with your Certified DNRS Coach, you may wish to access additional one-on-one guidance and support as you continue to implement the DNRS Program. Scheduling sessions at regular intervals with a DNRS Coach is beneficial and highly recommended. You can choose from individual sessions or generously discounted coaching packages.

Please note: returning clients are encouraged to book follow-up sessions with their current DNRS Coach. If you wish to switch to a new coach, your first session with a new coach must be a 50-minute session.

50-minute session

$ 140
00 USD
  • Ask questions, gain clarity, receive guidance and support.

4 x 50 minutes

$ 448
00 USD
  • BEST VALUE: save $112 and schedule regular sessions in advance to build a warm, working relationship with your coach.
Save $112

30-minute session

$ 80
00 USD
  • Ask a question, gain clarity, receive guidance and support.

4 x 30 minutes

$ 256
00 USD
  • Save over $50 and schedule these regular sessions in advance to build a warm, working relationship with your coach.
SAVE $50+

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