Do you want to pay it forward?

Oftentimes, clients who have benefited from the DNRS program have asked us how they can help others who are still suffering from limbic system impairment associated illnesses.

A donation of any amount can go a long way. Your donation* will be 100% earmarked towards providing support to those who can benefit from our program but do not have the financial means to purchase it.  All donations will go to providing complimentary copies of our 14-hour Instructional DVD series / Online program. We will ensure that your generous contribution goes to the best candidate(s) in need. If you are supporting the efforts of a specific individual, friend or family member, you can choose to do so as per our instructions below.

Are you ready to pay it forward and assist in someone else’s recovery journey? Fill out the form below to donate.

Thanks for paying it forward!

In Gratitude,
The DNRS Team

*DNRS kindly requests a $20 minimum donation. Donations are in USD dollars. Please note that your donation is not tax deductible.
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