Posted on March 5, 2024

Navigating the DNRS Program: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System is a self-guided brain retraining program that uses the principles of neuroplasticity to help reverse limbic system impairment and regulate a maladaptive chronic stress response that is often the cause of a long list of chronic conditions and symptoms. 

The DNRS program includes a comprehensive instructional online video program, as well as a variety of optional support services that are available at any point during your recovery journey.

After purchasing the program, you will have access to a series of streaming instructional videos with up to 12 hours of educational content and proven and powerful brain-retraining techniques. 

If you have just purchased the DNRS program and are looking for tips on how to make the most of your healing journey, this blog post is for you.

We will guide you through our recommendations for beginners as well as where to find a wealth of resources and education to support you as you progress through the program.

Step 1: Start The DNRS Program

Starting the DNRS program is an exciting and empowering first step in your recovery journey. Before you begin the program, make sure you have prepared an effective learning environment for yourself. Remove any distractions that could get in the way of you giving your undivided attention. 

The DNRS program is experiential and it is the consistent daily application of all elements of the program that leads to lasting changes in brain function and measurable improvements in physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Each component of the program is demonstrated for you in a methodical and easy-to-understand formula so you can integrate the tools you learn seamlessly into your daily life. 

The five pillars of recovery with DNRS are:

Pillar 1: Recognize the Link Between Your Brain and Your Condition. This mindset introduces a new way of thinking about how brain function and nervous system dysregulation may be involved in your condition. 

Pillar 2: Recognize and Redirect Pathways of the Past (POPs). This is an awareness exercise that allows you to identify and change patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to support the creation of new neural pathways.  

Pillar 3: Practice Full Rounds of the DNRS Retraining Steps. A specialized visualization technique that focuses on desensitizing and resetting the nervous system while promoting new neural pathways. 

Pillar 4: Apply Incremental Training. This pillar involves changing trauma associations and graduated exposure therapy (imaginary and real) to desensitize the brain, change fear associations and strengthen positive neural pathways that lead to optimal health. 

Pillar 5: Elevate Your Emotional State:  Elevating your emotional state helps to provide a cue of safety to the brain, allowing for the brain to move out of survival-related emotions and pave the way for positive neuroplastic changes.

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Step 2: Access The Global Community Forum

Included with your purchase of the DNRS program is a lifetime basic membership to the Global Community Forum.

There are over 15,000 members and 15 years of archived information within the forum, including dozens of resources applicable to implementing the DNRS program. This includes everything from a welcoming community of like-minded people who are focused on healing with DNRS, recovery stories, recovery tips, recommended books, featured videos, examples of exercises and so much more.

Inside the forum, you will also find unparalleled inspiration, motivation and support from fellow DNRS participants. We have seen countless lifelong friendships formed with people from around the world who met on the forum. Professionally moderated and updated every day, it is the perfect space to support you as you navigate the DNRS program for the first time. 

Step 3: Find The Support Service That is Right For You

Ongoing Support Services are provided by Certified DNRS Coaches and Facilitators and are available once you have started the instructional video program.

These highly trained professionals have all recovered from symptoms of chronic illness using DNRS and know the program inside and out.

  • Share-A-Laugh Classes: interactive classes that combine fun, laughter, and breathing exercises with small, optional movements. Designed with community in mind and tailored specifically for people recovering from limbic system impairment through the DNRS program.
  • Living DNRS: 12-week one-hour virtual group meetings that offer professional guidance from a Certified Instructor, group connection and support, additional accountability, and examples of how to apply DNRS into your daily life.
  • Certified Coaching: Certified DNRS Coaches offer one-on-one sessions that compassionately support and encourage you while offering tailored input, program clarification, and practical strategies to help you rewire your brain. 

These support services are invaluable in your recovery and offer different benefits depending on where you need the most support. 

  • If you are feeling alone on your journey and would benefit from group support or access to a golden library of over 15 years of documented success, then our Global Community Forum is a foundational resource for you. 
  • If you are having difficulties elevating your emotional state each day, Share-A-Laugh classes are offered twice a day from Monday through Friday and would be the perfect fit. 
  • If you are looking to have additional accountability, find inspiration or form connections with people on the same brain-retraining journey as you, Living DNRS would be a great option, with new group sessions announced monthly.
  • If you want one-on-one guidance and support on how to customize the program for your individual needs, working with a personal coach on a regular basis can help you move forward in the best way possible.

You can learn more about the support services available to you through the DNRS program here. Remember – you are not alone. 

We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Step 4: Further Your Knowledge 

When it comes to the brain and neuroplasticity, our learning is never done. Now that you have begun the DNRS program, are plugged into the global community forum and have found the right support service for you, we encourage you to explore other educational resources to enhance your understanding. 

On the DNRS website, our NEWS section offers blogs and stories related to neuroplasticity that are chalked full of valuable insights into this fascinating field. We also invite you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter where we share new research and articles as well as inspiring new testimonials from the DNRS community. 

You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter here

Step 5: Stay Focused and Consistent

To create new neural pathways, you need to consider three key principles of learning that will help you apply neuroplasticity:

Focus, Association, and Repetition. 

These principles form the acronym, FAR. If you consistently apply these principles, you will go FAR toward your goal of optimal health. Focus, Association, and Repetition each play an important role in learning and developing new neural connections needed to help rewire the brain. When it comes to brain retraining, consistency is key. 

You Have The Power To Heal

If you are just starting your journey with DNRS and are feeling overwhelmed by where to start, know that you are not alone. 

In addition to a team of certified coaches and facilitators and thousands of brain retrainers who have successfully implemented the program, there are countless resources available to you at every step of your journey. 

We are here to support you along the way with guidance, connection, motivation and accountability as you learn to successfully Retrain Your Brain, Regain Your Health, and Reclaim Your Life.

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