Posted on August 9, 2019

Creating a Milestones List: Joanna’s Important Look Back

Joanna has been using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Food Sensitivities, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Anxiety.

Joanna began noticing symptoms of Limbic System Impairment when she was a child. She recalls, “I would get tired more quickly than others, and was fearful around people I didn’t know well, but I really started having problems as a young adult at the beginning of 2011.”

Prior to finding the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), Joanna had visited several different doctors and specialists to try to find an answer to her accumulating list of symptoms, including a medical doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), a nutritionist, a counselor, a chiropractor who specialized in treating Lyme Disease, and a naturopath who specializes in genetics and detoxification.

Joanna eventually found out about DNRS through a friend and again online. “A friend of my mom’s had mentioned it before, but there were so many suggestions being made about what would help, that we didn’t really look into it.  I really got interested after seeing a video on YouTube – it was a testimonial of someone who had similar health problems as I did, and had been seeing progress with DNRS.  That’s when I knew I wanted to try it.”

Joanna’s List of Milestones

Joanna has experienced many positive shifts in her health and quality of life during her DNRS journey. She shared her list of recent milestones on our Global Community Forum to reflect on just how far her recovery has progressed with the program: 

SO MUCH has changed since my last blog post about 6 months ago.  Here are just some of the changes I’ve seen!

  1. I now do something out of the house 4-5 times a week!!  This is a huge change!  Before DNRS, it was more like 2 times a week.
  1. I am able to freely say YES when friends ask me to do something with them, instead of being “scheduled out” for the next 2 months because of limited energy. 
  1. I can eat as much fruit as I want!  Enjoying different things I can make with it.  
  1. I am eating some dairy and thoroughly enjoying it.
  1. I am a lot less sensitive to fragrances.  I used to have to air out fragrant library books in the garage before reading them.  Now, I haven’t noticed fragrance on any library books for the last few months! 
  1. On my more low-key, rest days, I am able to do crafts and other creative things and even a small job or two.  And they are RESTFUL to me.  Before, my rest days looked more like laying on the couch most of the day. 
  1. I feel more like myself at work and around people.  I am so much more calm and I can think more clearly.  I am more in control of what I think and do instead of being “taken over” by adrenaline.  Ah, it’s so very wonderful and refreshing to just feel like ME. 
  1. Going on walks is no big deal now. 
  1. I spontaneously decide to do things that take energy, instead of feeling like I have to “ration” my energy out. 
  1. Huge lessening in the “addictive” pull of my computer/phone.  Learning to USE them instead of them controlling me.
  1. Recovering so much faster after big days.
  1. No to little anxiety when messaging or texting people.  And I don’t agonize over the “perfect” way to say things.
  1. My mind doesn’t get “stuck” thinking about something as much.  I have more control over what I think about and am able to move on to thinking about new things easier.
  1. I notice things around me more instead of being stuck in my head. 
  1. Happy dreams more often.
  1. Getting going faster in the morning, instead of being zoned out for the first hour or two.
  1. Have had people over to our house a few times, even if they wear a lot of fragrances!
  1. Monthly cycle getting closer to “normal”.
  1. Once in a while I go out and do something for a bit on the same day that I work in the morning!  Unheard of before! 
  1. Was confronted with a subject that I used to panic over…like I used to not be able to get my mind unstuck from it for days.  BUT THIS TIME I was able to redirect my mind. I felt like I was able to handle and process it in a healthy way!  I was in awe and amazed! 
  1. Was able to go to a petting farm, I wanted to go to for years!!  And there’s a possibility of going horse-back riding there this summer.  Yay, energy!

And there are so many more, too. It is so good to look back at all the amazing ways DNRS has helped me so far.  I can tend to start only looking at what hasn’t changed yet, but looking back at this, I realize how many amazing things I can be grateful for.  I remember, before I found DNRS, thinking that if I could only have the energy to make it out of the house a couple more times a week, I would be content.  I want to celebrate that, and how far I’ve come. 

Joanna’s Advice for Chronic Illness Sufferers

To someone who is still suffering and might have doubts about whether it is worth putting faith in brain retraining with DNRS, Joanna sends this message:

“I know you have probably been recommended so many things, tried so many treatments, and gotten your hopes up so many times, only to not have it work. I know you might not want to try something and get your hopes up AGAINBut the thing with DNRS is, there is nothing to lose.  I truly believe that everyone would benefit from doing the program. I have seen so much transformation in my emotional and thought life since starting DNRS.  I am no longer ‘stuck’.  I can move forward. I am a different person from when I started, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.  I truly believe that DNRS will help heal those of you with chronic illness, and I know that through this program you will have outstanding growth as a person.”

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