Posted on November 30, 2023

Regaining Energy & Joy: Katja’s DNRS Victory Against Long-Covid

At the height of her battle with Long-Covid, Katja (who lives in Sweden) lived in constant fear and exhaustion. Every activity was an uphill struggle, a fight against her own body that refused to cooperate. The once active and energetic woman found herself having to limit her activities in many aspects of her life.

She was used to regularly feeling ill. Every three months or so, she would be sick for 10 or more days. As Katja explains, “I always had this fear… if I do too much or if I [do] too many activities, will I be sick again? And that was a constant threat.” This was her reality for more than a decade. Perhaps not surprisingly, a Covid infection thrust Katja’s body into a severe and ongoing illness that she could not shake. The illness derailed her life almost completely.

Happily, Katja discovered the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS). It was this brain retraining program that helped pull her body back into health, her mind back from the brink of despair, and her life into a place of thriving and joy.

Here is her story.


Frustration, Fear and Dead-Ends

“I had the constant feeling that my body had no energy,” Katja recalls.

She became very choosy in how much she took on in a day because of the limits on her energy. Her capacity for work, for parenting and for her beloved bike riding diminished by the day. Katja confides, “It was emotionally quite difficult to accept that I’m more and more limited in what I do.

Unpredictability was the hardest part for Katja; her symptoms ebbed and flowed without warning, sowing seeds of anxiety and uncertainty. Frustrated by her illness and the seeming lack of solutions, Katja’s outlook on life darkened, creating a sense of isolation. Her worst fear was confirmed when she saw her condition affecting her son, who too started showing a decline in energy.

Katja found no relief in the diagnosis from various doctors, who suggested Long-Covid, Epstein-Barr virus, or even that it might all be in her head. The well-meaning advice often made things worse rather than better, with some treatments exacerbating her symptoms. Her despair deepened, leaving her feeling alone and helpless.

Brain Retraining for the WIN

Then, during a chance meeting with a student who was also suffering from Epstein-Barr virus, Katja was introduced to the concept of brain retraining. Intrigued, she Googled ‘retraining the brain’, leading her to the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS). “Right from the beginning when I started the program, I had this feeling that I can get healthy again,” she remembers, her voice echoing the hope she had lost for so long.

With DNRS, Katja began to see changes she had hardly dared to dream about. She started feeling more optimistic about her life and her condition. In just a week, she had the energy to go for a small run. “That felt quite liberating,” she reminisces. Over the next few weeks, she found the strength to resume yoga classes, her body responding positively to the rhythm and routine. “It felt so like a miracle that I could be there and I could do the exercise,” Katja shares with a note of triumph in her voice.

The breakthroughs didn’t stop there. Katja managed to take part in a Bikram yoga class and go for a 50-minute run, both of which she hadn’t been able to do since falling sick. More importantly, she started noticing an improvement in her son’s ailments and depleting energy levels, providing a heartening confirmation of her own progress.

Katja has also found joy in the simple pleasures of life again. She now listens to music, dances at home, and even hosts guests – activities she had given up during her illness. “It felt really warm and welcoming and felt great to be able to do that again,” she explains.

But perhaps the most profound change for Katja is her newfound freedom. “I’ve found a freedom that I haven’t felt ever in my life,” she says, reflecting on having lived for a decade with the constant fear of being sick the next day. Now, she lives in hope and positivity, a feeling she attributes to DNRS.

What Made All the Difference

Not only did DNRS provide Katja with the tools to regain her health, but it also offered her a number of supportive resources that made a significant impact on her healing process:

  • She took the 12-week online, facilitated group program called Living DNRS. Here she was provided guidance and learning from a certified DNRS facilitator and connected live with DNRS participants to share encouragement, tips, and celebrate progress.
  • She engaged a Certified DNRS Coach for individual support. She received crucial advice to help address specific triggers and plan how to reintegrate work into her life.
  • She leaned into the supportive online community, called the Global Community Forum. She also joined the forum’s live “Share-a-Laugh” sessions, a light-hearted addition to her healing journey that she relished.

Today, Katja is a testament to the power of DNRS and its potential to help those battling Long-Covid. If asked for advice by someone in her previous position, she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DNRS. “It’s the only thing that really gave me a good outlook on life and gave me the opportunity to… start to become healthy again.”

In her journey from fear to freedom, from sickness to health, Katja found the strength not only to regain her life but also to redefine it. Her story is a beacon of hope for everyone struggling with Long-Covid, a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the power of innovative solutions like DNRS.

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