Posted on April 1, 2022

A Defining Zip Line Experience: Tena’s Recovery Story

“Considering one of my first challenges was walking for five minutes near my house, the zip-lining adventure in Costa Rica was a significant accomplishment and something I am very thankful for!”

Tena was healthy and thriving when her symptoms began to appear in High School. It was around this time that she began to notice food sensitivities, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, and seasonal allergies. DNRS was not the first thing Tena had tried in order to heal. Previously, she had visited a neurologist, several chiropractors, a gynecologist, two physical therapists, an allergist, and a professional counselor. Despite trying numerous modes of healing, these symptoms continued for 15 years prior to finding DNRS.

View the video below to hear Tena’s recovery story in her own words, or read on below for a summary:

It wasn’t until her chiropractor relayed information about DNRS that Tena began to look into it. “He mentioned the program a couple times to my daughter, but we didn’t look into it for various reasons. Then some of my symptoms got worse so he recommended I try the program. I had a conversation with his receptionist and heard about some of the changes she was experiencing as a result of starting DNRS. That spurred me to look into it. Once I took the self-assessment questionnaire on the website, I was convinced that DNRS was worth a try for me.”

Tena is glad that she did. Her progress since has been nothing short of remarkable! She shared a major win on our Global Community Forum:

I started the program in January 2020. In September 2020, I began my first Living DNRS class. During one session, the instructor asked us to share something that, when it happened, we would feel it was a defining moment for us in our progress or recovery. I shared that going zip-lining would be a defining moment for me.

Well, that happened for me last week when my family was in Costa Rica! Many times, I had visualized myself zip lining with different people and in different places but never imagined it would happen in Costa Rica. When I found out we could zip line while on our trip, I was ready and all in. It was really special and gratifying to have this experience in real life with 15 of my family members, which is also something I had never envisioned! I enjoyed lots of foods and drinks on the trip, which was the result of much DNRS practice.

Tena's Recovery DNRS

After 15 years of suffering, Tena discovered DNRS, and now life is full of new experiences and small pleasures she once enjoyed. “DNRS is a remarkable program that I am deeply grateful for.” – Tena

I think I’m almost done with the regular practice of the program since I’m close to living my life in the way I want due to the tools and support I’ve gained through DNRS. I’m particularly grateful for my DNRS coach, who has walked this journey with me faithfully and offered so much encouragement and specified advice for implementing the program. Considering one of my first challenges was walking for five minutes near my house, the trip was a significant accomplishment and something I am very thankful for!

It can be difficult to try something new when you may have tried so many things already. That is why Tena’s message to others is:

“To someone still suffering, I would say, ‘You are not alone. You are not crazy. I understand the weariness, cost, and difficulty of poor health, including physical, emotional and mental. I also understand the sadness and challenge of missing out on life, particularly not being part of the lives of those I care about, because of my symptoms. DNRS is a remarkable program that I am deeply grateful for. It does require hard work and intentionality, but it has paid off immeasurably for me! Though I am not totally free of all symptoms, I am living a full life with minimal symptoms and with tools that work to help me continue flourishing. I encourage you to shift the energy you’re putting into surviving toward recovering and regaining your life.’”

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